The Ongoing Geogebra Learning Saga

Wherein I note places where things were frustrating to figure ouit.

These aren’t necessarily in order of importance or occurrence ’cause I’m realizing after a month of dedicated scrambling around that … it’s not just a few things left out. It’s like “a library with all the books thrown all over the floors and stairs.”   To be continued…

— okay, first, there basically isn’t an “intro” path.   It’s a giant buffet.   You’re just supposed to know what “worksheets” and “applets” are.   I mean, I remember when applets were a new thing on very slow computers and worksheets were on paper…

… ALEKS has a whole session where you’re talked through the tools.   It takes … about 2 minutes.

— here’s a template!   No  clue how to use it.  No mention of the “construction protocol.”

— there will be times when you seem to be able to edit a property.   You can click in a window and enter a different position or the text you’re trying to display.  However, it will revert back to the original.   Solution:   You must click on that thing over in the algebra display  and click on “settings” to be able to edit.   It will look exactly the same.   

—   I am *told* that I can set my x-axis minimum.   NO, actually I can’t.  Even before I’ve done anything — it’s changed.   THat page in the directiosn has all kinds of other ways to change things.   It doesn’t say what to do if I just want it to stay the same.

— learning that like Canvas the directions for things are not well documented.   THere’s no good sequence for learning to use things.   Oh, and they often don’t actually work as stated.   Unlike Canvas, there’s no way to comment on them so that people can clarify.

— REAL ANNOYANCE AND A HALF   — the way the algebra window leaps around.   I can’t change settings in something without wading up and down, up and down, up and down — it spontaneously moves to some inexplicable place… with no clue why… and no “this is where the cursor would be” sign.


— REAL ANNOYANCE  — undo with cntrl z only works for a few things.   (minor annoyance — the directions don’t say that.   )

More documentation that doesn’t apply to me.   I want to share my file on the help thing.   I’ve seen other people with attached files.  Directions:  pick “export” from the file menu.   LOL  that would work if Export were on my file menu.

That said… I HAVE figured out having text “start at’  a point.   The point can be in a quadrilateral.

Now, mine doesn’t work all the time.   SOmetimes when I click to drag, it grabs the point instead of the quadrilateral/text … and that isn’t tied to anything.   I couldn’t get it to fail in the “template.”

There seem to be things in “construction protocol” that do not exist in the “algebra” mode.

I see a layer designated as zero.   I wonder if there was something with “1” — which may account for not being able to drag the text (if it’s “under” the other layer0. ) … so far, no. But I thought I remembered …   Also w/ the temmplate, it’s not right unless the text is *all* in the ellipse.   That’s why all four points are checked. I do not need to do that.

Sigh.   COuld be my computer but … no, I cant get it to go to “My topics’ in the help forum.

question:   what are points S1 through S 4 for?   …. I *think*  as a place to “reset” the stuff to in the scramble to make next question.   🙂

Why aren’t the buttons any where in algebra????

Especially since the very next thing is Button button1 … that’s number 49.

BUT WHERE IS IT????????? can’t find it anywhere on the screen.

List ListSTartPoints — ha ha ha 🙂 🙂  NOw I know what the lists re for!   For the randomization of where things go.

Why are there two lists with exactly the same points?   (Probably because one is for reset and another is for new question or something like that)



then Remove(listp1, p1)   …

I also don’t know if the “description” is doing the rando stoff.   The description says “P1= 20, -3  but…. would that change on another dya?


thein it picks some more….

THEN   we name another button and then a bunch more code.   SO.   Maybe all that construction is what the button does???? and then when we make another button it knows we’re done with that?

83 is creation of text that says Ellipse C-1…. this is the text that I can move w/o moving ellipse but if I move ellipse, it moves.

Then a mess of text that shows up if I ask it too.   I think itmight be … for me trying to use template?   I have no idea how to “internally set item i to ellipse ci”

then we have the ‘check answer’ one that is a nice “if they are all true, then true, otherwise false.”)

Then in red (??)  the two texts that might show up depending.

Oh.   I am thinking.  “Check boxes” make things true.   Maybe buttons do too.   So maybe clicking “check answer” renders checkanswer true ???

The rest are adding the score.

I get all of that stuff.

Monday morning:    Now to try to figure out how to get the number line to have the numbers I want it to.   I read that I can “easily” do this but … it’s one of those “okay, how do *I* get access to this screen?”


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