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still doin’ :)

January 26, 2011


Hey, this resolution isn’t busted yet 🙂 Page 214… did the random number thing.  My code worked the first time with all four little additions.   I”m getting disgustingly good at copying code, but… that isn’t the same as making it. I *think* I’m processing the “that’s an equals sign, do duly note that!” Also, […]

Page 121

January 10, 2011


Quiet house so I’m doing and grokking. (Or, I was ’til people got home, but they’re not kiddos).    I’m editing code and telling myself what that code is doing, and reading the code that was already done and reviewing what was done. I’m hoping that I shall fairly easily imprint on the brain the somewhat […]


January 8, 2011


Okay, now I hit undo a few times — in the POND BUTTON edit page, mind you, and only a few times. Welp, now I no longer have layers.   I have thes ame flogging graphics, but no “foreground” or “background.”   So, I guess I get to do this over. STRIKE ONE.  (I am not really […]


January 2, 2011


I have finished chapter one.  I’m trying to talk myself into buying plane tickets for $120 more than they would have cost Wednesday so that I could keep doing this instead of driving to D.C. I could rationalize it by saying that if I can learn this stuff, I could earn more than $120… could […]

on page 11

December 31, 2010


So far so good… so far the directions include the details that matter (I think ;)). Whoo-hoo!   I’ve learned the first Naming Convention for files and classes!   It’s like smelling Marge’s cabbage soup and the pink lemonade in it.I am making myself read every word so I can hear the author talk to me. Oh, […]