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wax on, wax off?

May 27, 2021


No, I haven’t seen the Karate Kid… but I saw Star Wars and a few other stories of people who were going to become amazing, and wise, and do good things and things good and things well. A common thread is that this person has been discreetly deemed as destined for Being Specially Good and […]

tricks and memorization and automaticity

March 19, 2019


I work w/ lots and lots of people who haven’t learned stuff like times tables. It’s a whole lot like decoding in reading.   If you’re not teaching decoding, then … if decoding is a cognitive load, take the load away.   Find another delivery system. However!   It’s worth learning to decode!  It’s worth learning to read. […]


October 28, 2018


Whereas, my well-tagged adding video got visits and average watch time was over a minute (whole thing is 2:04)… absolute value is way ahead of everybody else… it’s also well tagged including the word “khan.”    Time for an experiment 🙂 … also awash in cool resources.   New York’s  TABE concepts  is a good summary, although […]


March 2, 2018

0    Want that poster on the board at my chimerical Termite Terrace constructing/adapting math lessons… it melds well with this post about gamification and cooperation (“less Candy Crush – more Dungeons and Dragons”)  

Professional Development Day!

February 23, 2017


Wherein I have watched the “Open Pedagogy” webinar from, wherein the participants discuss having students *create* “open” content in courses.   (First off is the caveat that no! this isn’t appropriate for everything! and there’s much discussion of the need for careful planning and leaving room for privacy and diverse student needs.) I’d love […]

OER and equity

January 17, 2017


or, too verbose for Twitter R Us. So I read on twitter that “Open educational resources (#oer) and open source software are the single best way to ensure #equity for all students.” Ensure? Let’s talk about ‘equity’ and the adult ed folks in need of basic literacy and numeracy. Ensure? OER are starting to serve […]

Cognitive accessibility

November 8, 2016

0   — about finding diverse ways (“universal design for learning”) to foster and assess comprehension… but … it’s hard to translate this into real things.   Things like suggesting that we remind students of background knowledge, and if they don’t have it, teach it to them — that’s peachy!   But … That is so […]