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Excited :-)

November 10, 2020


Okay, I *am* an optimist. I’m easily infatuated with potential. I had about a 15 minute zoom call with “UDLPartners.” They’ve got a “Name it, Frame it, Tame it” video and the plan is to have “micro PD” videos — under 3 minutes. (Yes, we already speak the same language.) So now it’s time to […]

teaching “at different levels”

September 22, 2020


So, I have this setup working pretty well, though it SUCKS POWER MADLY so yesterday I was back to writing on whiteboard and holding it up to the camera b/c it drains faster than it charges so even plugged in… it ran out. ( I need to figure out how to “zoom” so that I […]

First day!!

August 19, 2019


Mirabile dictu, I have student workers and managed to get my “first half fours” video made and up. It’s about how to figure out 4 x a number, you double it twice. I decided I’d stick to pictures on this one and on the “bigger ones and how to double anything,” show how x 2 […]

Next steps!

June 3, 2019


So, the Illustrative Math stint is done for now.   I am hoping that they decide to do the more involved “support for a class” — but am honestly glad to have summer to keep going in my own directions. I found hashtag #indieweb  on twitter full of people who use their own websites to share […]

Creepin’ forward

April 19, 2010


I have done (why cant I use apostrophes?) a powerpoint for the tens times tables and am mostly done the sixes.  No, that is not the order I would present them in, but I wanted an easy one and a hard one so people could get a taste of what it is andsay whether they […]

Migration, migration! (times tables and more)

March 21, 2010

0 is my educational site and I had a google blog … I’ve moved it here. Reckon I’ll post those links and thoughts here and stop flooding Facebook quite as much 😉 I’ll probably be focusing on math stuff, but leaning towards stuff that will help people who hear labels like “dyslexia” and “dyscalculia” applied […]