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Jill Barshay notices the rest of them

May 15, 2023


I’m impressed with this Hechinger Report “Proof points” article out TODAY about the CUNY experiment with shifting folks from remedial to statistics-with-support and other options. ““But the evidence does not suggest that these corequisite courses are the magic potion that is going to change completion and persistence. It’s going to take a lot more and […]

Literature summary

January 21, 2020


In summer 2018 I had a slow week and I dug out stuff on developmental math and the “reform” movement.   Seemed this winter break was a good time to sweep back to it… one tangent article and webinar were about reforming *high school* with a pithy metaphor:   we should be making mathematics “a pump, not […]

remediation article n + 2

February 1, 2017

0 This one’s seriously behind the times.   Oh, MY!!!!!   So many unprepared students!!!! (Statistics provided). The wretched part is in the comments which I suspect represent our cultural shift, though I can hope/wish that it’s a reflection of this specific audience.   There’s no questioning the value of an educational system that spews […]

Let them eat cake!

July 18, 2015


Getting ready to lead my Saturday ride, one of my biking buddies says “E and I are probably going to break off ahead and go faster, okay?”   I’m fine with that.  Then she says, “What do you guys usually average, about 14?” I’d love to know what my face did.   I said “Try […]

Story line, story line

March 14, 2013


… it’s not a two blogger day at all; I’ve been doin’ surfing and tweeting and the concept of having a story involved in learning keeps coming up… and making the activity itself be reasonably fun.   (However, the essay about the fun could be interpreted as meaning that okay, if the activity isn’t fun, […]

remedial MOOC

November 14, 2012

0    I remember, back in the last century, really liking JSOnline because I could link to articles and they stayed linked (I had a “dyslexics in the news” place on my site). Now, if I”m going to comment, I have to have a paid subscription. Poo.    I’d love to respond to the snooty […]