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April 21, 2014


So, after doing the conceptual framework building of recursions… today we went over the text example that is essentially a template for our lab.  (edit in hindsight:  this was posted days after I typed it.  We had class on Thursday, not Easter Sunday ;)) Had he mentioned this, I would have spent considerably less time […]

Memorizing Before Understanding

April 15, 2014


This recursion thing has been a great example of when a person does *not* have to understand a procedure before practicing it and drilling in it.   Dear person defending your approach to teaching:   if you tell me that students can’t really learn by memorizing first, then you’ve just flushed your credibility down the […]

86 again~

April 11, 2014


I’ll see at two when answers get posted which ones I missed… will they be the ones I wasn’t sure of?  Yes, I was thinking of recursiveness on the ride home, too 😉   More, though, of the niftiness of a teacher working to make challenging content accessible; not easier in the long run, but […]

More o’ that concept stuff…

April 10, 2014


So today’s topic was “recursion” — and he walked us through really.  simple.   examples.   of it.    I stumbled over recursion in my JavaScript class, when I wanted to display exponents and was googling for tips for putting that in, in animated form.   I’m curious as to how challenging my uniquely wired […]