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June 8, 2021


I’ve already had a student ūüôā This one is repeating a class and … has learned *so much.* As in, a living, breathing reason why our full service support is needed and beneficial. You really wouldn’t recognize this one as the same person. first time through, learning the whole array of navigation — here’s a […]

Geogebra … crash

December 3, 2017


Wow. ¬† Just… wow. It seems that asking a question without a screenshot is a mortal sin. ¬† I asked what “BP” stood for — thinking, (forgive me!!! mea culpa and I mean that, to a degree)… that BP was a common heading to the spreadsheet thing about each element in your app. ¬† I […]


November 5, 2017


Geogebra.¬† ¬†“Lists” are a lot like arrays, tho’ the first element is list(1) not zero; zero will get “undefined. No, I still have no idea how to actually SET THE STUPID X AXIS TO THE SIZE I WANT.¬† ¬†I mean, I know how to set it but it changes if I so much as move […]

Svenstock and #MTBOS

July 28, 2017


There is this debate on Twitter about the name #MTBOS — “twitter blog o sphere.” ¬† ¬† ¬†Seems some people think it connotes an exclusive “secret handshake” kind of group. ¬†And oh, you are not worthy if you only tweet. And ¬†one of the “bigwigs” tells us we need to listen to those people and […]

Rant # 2 short

September 6, 2016


So the student has finished the ALEKS lessons but says she will need to YouTube all week to try to figure out what they mean. ¬† I say, “but there’s a ‘review’ option!” … only to discover that yea, you can get a review option but you cannot ask for an explanation. ¬†You have to […]

Asinine math

September 6, 2016


That’s what the student is calling it. I try to encourage a better attitude. Welp, they’re figuring out the percent of the volume that balls take up in a cylinder… except that the radius of the balls is stuff like 0.02 ¬†… and then they add the condition hat you round to the fourth decimal […]

Windows. Yeah.

February 11, 2016


I shoudl probably go ahead and “Download Windows 10” because Windows 8.1 really, really stinks. Yes, if I save a Word file, I have to standon my head and do contortions to prevent it dumping out into “OneDrive,” which sometimes I can access, and sometimes I can’t. I really want to find website files on […]

Formative, good people, formative, please!!

December 16, 2015

0¬† ¬†has a really nifty game with learnign the order of operations. Oops. ¬† It has a nice game for practicing OOP if you already know them. You get presented with a problem with all four operations and parentheses, and you figure out one step at a time. ¬†Cool! ¬†I thought. ¬† So I highlighted […]

access & success & reality cheques

October 1, 2015


Today we had a meeting of our Developmental Education Council — except that to attend it meant leaving the 8 students studying for a math test to their own devices, and their own devices are what they’re trying to hone. So I saw parts of it… ducked out to answer questions (the meeting is just […]

Office 365 not

July 17, 2015


So… Office 365 simply will not function on this machine. It works fine on the *brand new* ASUS so I’m okay — but honestly, Windows 7 should be able to handle … oops, this is MICROSOFT. Compatibility? ¬†You must be kidding! ¬†Bill Gates and Sal Khan both are fervent believers in “Production before perfection” (and […]