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Rediscovering :)

January 28, 2016


Oh, my, that even embedded!!! These are movies from Landmark School… CHris Woodin has awesome materials and methods.   It’s also **really** helpful to me to watch real teaching videos because I tend to accelerate, and these remind me what to be watching for to set my teaching pace. If students don’t have time to […]

they’re the same; they just have different numbers

February 25, 2015


… not yet. Here’s a “this person might have issues with math” situation:  We’re supposed to figure out how long it will take Forrest Gump to mow a football field with a 30-inch wide mower; field 120 yards by 160 feet, going 4 mph. Converted 120 yards to 40 feet… fixed that… Draw the field? […]