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well lit rabbit holes

April 9, 2017


Noon I ducked down to our local “Maker Space,” which has open hours ’til 1:00.   I’ve been going there for years whenever something’s weird with whatever version of my dynamo hub light I’m trying to get rolling. Long story short:   the person who knows how to take gadgets apart & put ’em together […]

Gratuitous MOOCS

May 5, 2016


The EdX MOOC from earlier was uploaded each Tuesday evening U.S. time.   Naw, you can’t get ahead; it’s atomatically programmed.  Last night somebody posted asking what had happened to week 1 (week 0 started last Tues)… and the nice TA said “refer to your syllabus, or Week 0.”  (As in, they didn’t know? ) […]

Really really really almost there!

May 23, 2015


The links in powerpoint Powerpoint I need to figure out the best “handout” to have; it could be a one pager with The MOst IMportant STuff and a link to the details, online.  It could be a shortened version of the powerpoint (with lots of the photographs removed) along with the links list, which is […]

Argument for open

April 20, 2015


The “Math Playground” site has many the wonderful math game and ways where math *concepts* are emphasized, with nifty visuals. Many of the folks in our OER-STEM course will be linking to some of them.   However, that’s it as far as “openness” is concerned. Why does this matter?   Well, a more open license […]

Online Courses are Evolving

January 10, 2015


I’ve done some online courses before, and usually finished them. Mostly, I don’t remember them. THey’ve been evolving nicely as the technology improves and the people making them learn. I *think* one of the first lessons of the providers has been not to get out the most amazing technology unless you only want to have […]