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October 12, 2017


Okay, right this minute I’m wishing I were in Anaheim at the Open Ed conference. On the other hand, *all* the sessions with connection to adult ed happen today and pretty much the main thrust of things is administrative, not pedagogy — and I might have missed the tweet about a Geogebra applet that does […]

“Oer Misunderstandings” Hechinger Report

September 29, 2017


Goal:  Non-tangential Blog Titles 🙂 Three Misunderstandings about Open Educational Resources  — HOoray for not calling them “myths” 🙂 First — that the main benefit it saving money.   Okay, sorry guys but this quote is laughable: “In reality, every district we know approaches open educational resources with a single goal: to accelerate student learning […]

NROC webinar

September 26, 2017


A good one!     It was not about the magnificent shiny tools… it was about getting a team together and using the tools and involving the students in the process.   First — yes, in the two years they’ve been doing it, math “MAP” scores (I infer a standardized assessment of your skills) have gone […]

Must resist~

September 25, 2017


Noted on Twitter that Eureka Math tweeted that parents might need support and replied about my Friday experience (thinking they might have read it since I tagged it).   I hope they hire somebody to engage the parents who maybe aren’t in New York  in those support materials. I’m even wondering whether one of the […]

Open Educational Resources: it’s worth the effort

September 18, 2017


I love that teachers are sharing their enhancements to Illustrative Mathematics.   This is what the “open” in “Open Educational Resources” is all about!   The IM lessons are licensed CC-BY — “attribution.”   Everybody can use them, revise them, even use them commercially as long as credit is given. The sharing process completely lacks any […]

Structured vision

September 14, 2017


…. that’s what I have, eh? Well, yesterday I *did* successfully put together “1.4”  — adding integers with the same sign number on the number line.   Next weeK  :   1.5   (adding different signs, then mixing htem up.) THen for *my* course I”m going to follow the ORton-Gillingham principle of ‘don’t teach the […]

Open Math resources

August 23, 2017


I’m part of a project curating Open Educational Resources for adult ed.   NCTM has an awesome site with awesome lessons on it.  Oops, too bad so sad, the terms of use  are totally “ours, ours, ours, do not fold bend or mutilate!”  (Remember those punch cards, elders?)   That approach is why I don’t care […]