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boring thought organizing

March 4, 2023


I’m perusing “how to do poster presentations” and oh, the audience is *so* clearly 20-something grad students trying to impress but this one from Hopkins looks good (LOL viewers will have different cognitive styles!). The big picture? Let’s try this: SOME STUDENTS NEED DEVELOPMENTAL MATH. SKILLS AND SCORES Students are arriving at college without the […]

That took too long.

December 29, 2022


But “Subtraction, counting up or back” is up and live. Okay, it’s opening there instead of embedding here, but … I have other things to do, while I’m figuring out how not to get too bogged down with this. I reckon first task is seeing — how many videos are like this, where … I […]

“day off”

November 28, 2022


Struggled with file management in GIMP — making similar parts and wholes bar models like this Decided that was too cluttered and went with this: … still having trouble figuring out and then remembering where to export things to… … and “save as” didn’t work. So I turned that guy into 4 + 3 being […]

Moodling Still :P

July 27, 2022


Also GIMPing and oh!!!! There is a way to tell it to fill similar colors, and to “fill by line art detection,” whatever that is!! I’ve figured out how to put a whole table with 25 different answers on a question, so the whole addition facts table is 4 questions long. (Decided 100 was just […]


July 6, 2022


Got a detailed response with some JQuery ideas to improve the display on my “drag drop moodle questions.” More importantly, I have a better idea how the drop zones work. I still don’t know if/how I can ask “name a number greater than 9” as an arithmetic or “calculate” question. And, bigger question, don’t *really* […]


May 17, 2022


…. welp, I *would* be at the faculty summer institute but I didn’t get a proposal in and … honestly didn’t see any presentations that spoke to me. After all, …. I’m not faculty 😛 When I go out on the bike I remember things to do. At my desk? It’s not there. Well, except […]

Almost goin’ back…

August 13, 2021


This week hasn’t been a total “sat in front of the screens all day” week but it is a pretty insidious draw. Twice I successfully used Pomodoro to tell me when I had to GET UP 😛 Four other times I Just Got Up… YES, I’ve been keeping score. The Learning Commons meeting Tuesday wasn’t […]

Excited :-)

November 10, 2020


Okay, I *am* an optimist. I’m easily infatuated with potential. I had about a 15 minute zoom call with “UDLPartners.” They’ve got a “Name it, Frame it, Tame it” video and the plan is to have “micro PD” videos — under 3 minutes. (Yes, we already speak the same language.) So now it’s time to […]

Rabbit, Rabbit!

August 2, 2020


It’s the first of the month, and #mtbos encourages us to blog and share. Our state and local COVID cases are still awful at almost 1700 *today* for the state. A tweet linked to a twitter account of a professor who got the thing in April and her dying plea last week was for people […]

Still here!

April 24, 2020


  Friday, April 24 and we’ll be in “stay home” status through the end of May.   Since the college had already made the decision that at least summer will be online, it’s not a big change for me; I’m supposed to have a mask on starting May 1.   Masks are so prevalent that I already […]