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well lit rabbit holes

April 9, 2017


Noon I ducked down to our local “Maker Space,” which has open hours ’til 1:00.   I’ve been going there for years whenever something’s weird with whatever version of my dynamo hub light I’m trying to get rolling. Long story short:   the person who knows how to take gadgets apart & put ’em together […]

Rabbit holes?

March 26, 2017


My Internet Saturday Morning involved a twitter request for OER for vocational programs for math… without too many answers since its Friday afternoon posting.  I linked to my spare-time-not-quite-fledglings … and hopefully this week I can make an even bigger dent on things, tho’ students will be back and they come first. I didn’t put in […]

Podcasts R Us

March 22, 2017

0  is 24 minutes about a guy and an algebra app that he says is the first on the planet like it — you get to drag and drop things to solve algebra equations.  (Start at 18:30 and you can be spared the l-a-b-o-r-i-o-u-s background… )    I share his mystification about the underuse of […]


March 21, 2017


Possibilities abound.   EngageNY is looking for “fellows” to help develop their curriculum.  Oh, my, it is full of the vilified “not your parents’ algorithms” terms like “Hide Zero Cards,” which a quick search informs me are manipulatives for reinforcing that, say, 13 is really 10 + 3 — you represent 13 with a ten card […]


March 7, 2017


I remember learning about this in the last century 🙂   I’m wondering about using it for something entirely different… but bottom line is, I need to learn this 🙂 … except first I need to figure out how to plan the elements of fluency tasks so that they’re consistent…

Professional Development Day!

February 23, 2017


Wherein I have watched the “Open Pedagogy” webinar from, wherein the participants discuss having students *create* “open” content in courses.   (First off is the caveat that no! this isn’t appropriate for everything! and there’s much discussion of the need for careful planning and leaving room for privacy and diverse student needs.) I’d love […]

In between the windows

February 21, 2017


Still stalled on the Modumath course — if we have to rewrite the path to  all. those. images…. well… tho’ it would be so much better to organize them into proper folders and have the path make sense. In the meantime, I’ve done a little combination of our current face-to-face basic class and the LumenLearning […]