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article n + 1

November 4, 2019


Technically not an article; it’s transcript from a podcast.  “Grow Up, Branch Out.” It suggests we could have mathematical literacy infused in *life* and all through college, no matter what you’re major. I was intrigued by an early quote: We call QL a literacy for the same reason: it is not a skill that we […]

Thread 6, drum roll please…

September 20, 2018


  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3    Part 4    Part 5 From Curry D. Where to Focus so Students Become College and Career Ready. Journal Of Research & Practice For Adult Literacy, Secondary & Basic Education [serial online]. Spring2017 2017;6(1):62. The National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) asked: What does it […]

Story line, story line

March 14, 2013


… it’s not a two blogger day at all; I’ve been doin’ surfing and tweeting and the concept of having a story involved in learning keeps coming up… and making the activity itself be reasonably fun.   (However, the essay about the fun could be interpreted as meaning that okay, if the activity isn’t fun, […]

“too easy” – probably not…

March 13, 2013


… so one of the guys in the Math Literacy class has, actually, already completed Math 095 and 098, which it is set up to replace.   He has his reasons:   this will also exempt him from having to take developmental Geometry, and… he likes to learn stuff. He likes to really understand it. […]

I to the What Power???

March 12, 2013


A student helped me see a connection to help teaching students how to figure out what i to the big number power is.   The procedural “divide by four, use the remainder, and then choose from these four  memorized  possibilities” is pretty danged taxing on the working memory. The student in question understood about odd […]

plopped in my lap

July 8, 2012


So! Things have been going a *little* better in the Learning Actionscript world… enough so I think it’s time to try to make something of my own. I really do forget the stuff if I go away from it, so far, which should be a reminder of what it’s like to be a math student […]


June 7, 2012


“Grrr, there goes my heart’s abhorrence Water your damned flowerpots, do!” (from Robert Browning’s Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister)… yesterday was full of that. This a.m. so far a little better. *Nothing* worked — but riding in I figured one problem out (if you’ve got a duplicate layer on top of what you’re trying to […]