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NROC … sorry, not sorry?

August 6, 2018


NROC — OER for remedial math and English — – had a little webinar today. They talked about being a movement, not a product.   They’re pushing hard for people to be members.   They say cool things… and then those phrases slide in about how people just need some review.   When I commented that wasn’t true […]

#OER and quality

June 19, 2018

0  So!  I couldn’t attend this b/c I was roaming around on the Grand Illinois Bicycle Tour (sigh, the replacement for drowned phone should arrive tonight). Ahrash Bissell is the moderator, from NROC   and he’s talking to Dr. Lisa Petrides who founded ISKME  which runs  and Dr. David Wiley of Lumen Learning . NROC folks […]

Constructive pathways

January 25, 2018


Let’s get back to math!   I finished reading the  article about “adapting perception, action and technology for mathematical reasoning” … Some fun snippets: “People who know algebra show earlier and longer eye fixations to “×”s than “+”s in the context of math problems” Your brain is trained to look at that first and harder.   I *know* I […]

NROC webinar

September 26, 2017


A good one!     It was not about the magnificent shiny tools… it was about getting a team together and using the tools and involving the students in the process.   First — yes, in the two years they’ve been doing it, math “MAP” scores (I infer a standardized assessment of your skills) have gone […]