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November 8, 2021


Sitting at my desk at home, hoping the heater will be in soon (but it’s been an hour since the guy went on a “parts run” for some gas fittings… ) pretending that I’m being productive. (I should have acted like I was working from home and done the “line up the focus” bike ride…) […]


June 11, 2021


Today reminded me once again of what I would *like* teaching to be like: Like a back Float. A student thought about things instead of guessing. We’d gotten through to having oh, 20 lessons to go … but ther ehad been a “knowledge check” so today there were 49. Yea. Right. Still, we were workin’ […]

Geogebra! Anybody want to try???

August 27, 2019


Whereas, right now I don’t have any official projects with deadlines that keep me motivated to keep learning and doing when I’m not helping students, and Whereas, I really REALLY want to know Geogebra better, and Whereas, I work a whole lot better when it’s with other folks, Therefore I hereby invite anybody out there […]

Math Summit ONline

August 1, 2017


Christina Toldevold is doing what I’ve wanted to happen — a totally amazing online conference / summit with all those people I follow on Twitter — the #MTBOS math twitter blog-o-sphere.   Okay, half of ’em.   (THe other half are really K-2, tho’ I  do want to see the “stuff with number lines” session. […]

Svenstock and #MTBOS

July 28, 2017


There is this debate on Twitter about the name #MTBOS — “twitter blog o sphere.”      Seems some people think it connotes an exclusive “secret handshake” kind of group.  And oh, you are not worthy if you only tweet. And  one of the “bigwigs” tells us we need to listen to those people and […]


November 22, 2016


Yes, distracted by the twittersphere again… a new person I’m following posted a neat little poster listing six strategies for tutoring / studying.   What?  The secrets, revealed???  With videos at ?? !.   Use concrete examples to understand abstract ideas (“concrete examples”) 2.   Combine words & visuals (“dual coding”) 3.  Explain & describe […]

Nix the Tricks II

December 31, 2013

3 is the site that the twitterfeed led me to last Sept. 9.  Seems I didn’t directly link to it, else the author might have noticed … but as I said in my reply, I’m still figuring out how to get things to ping in the right places, and am confident that as soon as […]