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Moodling Still :P

July 27, 2022


Also GIMPing and oh!!!! There is a way to tell it to fill similar colors, and to “fill by line art detection,” whatever that is!! I’ve figured out how to put a whole table with 25 different answers on a question, so the whole addition facts table is 4 questions long. (Decided 100 was just […]

More Moodling

July 12, 2022


…. okay, amount of TIME ACTUALLY DOING THIS is … well, the good news is I can say “it doesn’t take much time to do!” which is notthe same as “good grief, it takes a lot of time before it’s done.” I’m also wondering if the only way to have students label more than one […]

Moodle Journeys

June 28, 2022


I’ve gotten responses to my questions on Moodle — tho’ of the “you have to upload your question!” to which I replied, that well, I had tried but the instructions for doing that didn’t work. That got a non-stack-overflow guide and I’ve done that. Next question: why do the drop zones not really show where […]


June 3, 2022


Whew!! Byooodiful day. Sigh, ,almost 7000 cases in the state but … the trend is sorta kinda acting like it’s going down. Whereas I signed up to do the “math” part of the “welcome new people” next THursday so I found this file on connecting representations for Just Plain Numbers. And this is a cool […]

OER course winding down

April 1, 2015


… semester is winding *up* and it’s busy in here.   I am utterly stumped by what we’re supposed to do with our “Moodle Shell course,” but figure it’s time to actually build my lessons. Integrating OER and interactive online stuff into an online course is challenging, though.   If I send people over to […]