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Extend, Ontario!

May 7, 2021


I signed up for a MOOC but the timing is in relative down time so … looks like it will be happening. Executive Summary (or: TL/DR) Multiplication is often not fully understood. See for a way to teach it concretely and thoroughly. Exponents are fun, too. Here’s a fun story in a two minute […]

A winter’s day

March 14, 2017


(in a deep and dark December… naw, it’s March!) The East is getting gobsmacked while we had some heavy flurries and some wind for my lunch bike ride (yesterday being a car day, the legs said they wanted to get out there, and I don’t argue!) We also had a meeting about the new ALEKS assessment […]

OER and equity

January 17, 2017


or, too verbose for Twitter R Us. So I read on twitter that “Open educational resources (#oer) and open source software are the single best way to ensure #equity for all students.” Ensure? Let’s talk about ‘equity’ and the adult ed folks in need of basic literacy and numeracy. Ensure? OER are starting to serve […]


January 16, 2017


Seems there will be a “cMOOC” about this.   cMOOC being an open course that’s focused on ‘connectivity,’ somehow.  We’ll see.  The syllabus is pretty dry and academic, going through the history of ‘open.’   Guess my main beef with the ‘open’ community is that it’s so imbued with academic culture, as in “let me […]

Reading on the bus

December 21, 2016


Between reading the UDL book I downloaded a 200+ page tome about open education.   It’s refreshingly old-school with all kinds of facts and references and statistics as opposed to “MOOCS are dead.”   Lots of David Wiley but also lots of other stuff. Chapter 2 piqued my interest because it’s about open education as […]

Canvas and Khan

December 14, 2016


Somebody put into the “idea” section of the Canvas Community that the “Submit Assignment” button should be changed to “Begin Assignment,” because students got confused — because they thought that “submit” meant you were going to turn it in. The replies included lots of people saying “Amen!” and then somebody saying “well, my students weren’t […]

Scientific studying

December 10, 2016

0  what… I only sent this to fb friends??? DIdn’t blog it so I could find it later?  THese are pretty decent, tho’ I’d like to make versions that were more diverse in content areas (more math :)) and people doing it… When I get a team to make a course, this will be a branch […]

Math on the edge

November 18, 2016

0  Sigh, I *need* to be working on the Canvas project.  (I need to find my *&* wallet.) Still, watching these videos of students thinking and processing is so affirming.   HEre’s you’re PhD project, people:   interview (or hypnotize) students who score poorly on these college math assessment tests. Find out just how many […]

Commit :)

October 8, 2016


I’m at the part where it’s time to shift from “oh! the potential!” to “LEt’s start making the deliverable.” I’m in Canvas building a quiz question.   ACCESSIBILITY.    Cognitive accessibility:   need that “onboarding” thing per Nir Eyal’s book so the intro is short and … I think optional.   Nobody reads the first […]

Progress on MOOC

October 2, 2016


… on the organizing part 🙂 Yes, I’ve figured out that on Canvas, you don’t try to make the actual “lessons” interactive.   THat requires things to be quizzes.   Yes, I think this is old school thinking, and I’m surprised somebody hasn’t just taken “quizzes” and renamed them “formative assessment modules” and charged $5,000 […]