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March 13, 2023


First day of Spring Break and I’m at the office; yes, that non-student has said good morning and availed themself of a snack from the snack bar, and I REALLY DO WANT TO SPEND AT LEAST 5 OF THE 28 HOURS (one of ’em is gone already) on the MOODLE course and 6 on the […]

boring thought organizing

March 4, 2023


I’m perusing “how to do poster presentations” and oh, the audience is *so* clearly 20-something grad students trying to impress but this one from Hopkins looks good (LOL viewers will have different cognitive styles!). The big picture? Let’s try this: SOME STUDENTS NEED DEVELOPMENTAL MATH. SKILLS AND SCORES Students are arriving at college without the […]

another article about co-reqs

March 4, 2023


Wonsun Ryu, Lauren Schudde, & Kim Pack. (2022). Constructing Corequisites: How Community Colleges Structure Corequisite Math Coursework and the Implications for Student Success. AERA Open, 8.    This one discusses what kinds of co-req designs were more important. In the “nope, no surprise!!” category, for “ease of interpretation,” the results are presented in terms of […]

Phil_on_EdTech, thank you

February 3, 2023


Usually “PhilOnEdTech” is *interesting* to me — lots of discussions of online learning and what’s going on with the assorted companies. What happened when Canvas got bought? What do those enrollment numbers and patterns really mean? … but I don’t always click through if I’m busy, and … I’ve missed some important ones!!! Today’s post […]

It’s not about the technology

January 13, 2023


So! I’m in the Digital Learning Lab cohort — where we try out using technology to help adults learn. Executive Summary (TL/DR:) We also know it’s not really about the tools — it’s how they’re used — and what they’re used on. With enough support and stuff to organize, WE SUCCEEDED !!! Long version 😛 […]

another article

January 8, 2023


Park, T., Woods, C. S., Hu, S., Bertrand Jones, T., & Tandberg, D. (2018). What Happens to Underprepared First-Time-in-College Students When Developmental Education is Optional? The Case of Developmental Math and Intermediate Algebra in the First Semester. Journal of Higher Education, 89(3), 318–340.   It’s Creative Commons non-commercial no-derivatives-attribution, YAY! I am not sure how/if I […]

Purposeful Practice

November 21, 2022


… I *think* that was the name of the session at the awesome Make Math Moments Virtual Summit which had, they say, over 10,000 participants. There were hundreds in each session I dropped in on. I’ve been following these folks since they were just sharing some cool stuff, though at first it was all apple-product-dependent… so, […]

New Yorker Math Articles

November 19, 2022


What do we really know about teaching kids math? Twitter’s NDY (not dead yet) tho’ I don’t remember who posted the link. It links to an article about the history of “progressive” math and okay, *that one* is more interesting so far 😛 Apparently, in 1955 only about 25% of HS students “were enrolled in […]

Necessary, possible, I can dream

November 13, 2022


… it says “figure out the memes ” and blog about how. Well, Laura Gibbs’ blog has that information with so many “growth mindset cats” but I decided against the widget that randomizes them, and to put ’em there myself. I made a few more 🙂 How? Open picture in GIMP. It says “convert to […]

Number Line PNG

August 23, 2022


Whereas at 1:00 I was going to time myself w/ pomodoro and be amazed when I could make a vertical number line for students to print out in 25 minutes, and YES I succeeded in doing that on about the tenth attempt (but yes, I did it in Powerpoint and then pulled it up in […]