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Too busy to blog.

August 29, 2015


Yup, I’ve had students for help pretty much from just after 8 to 5:00 this end of the week.    It’s the usual diverse bunch of individuals that would make a *great* milieu sitcom/drama (but no thank you, reality tv, let’s just not).   Yes, a fair number of professional self-deprecators with classic fixed mindset […]

math literacy and real world

August 26, 2015


SO there ya go — the math literacy course uses online resources, including a little “learning styles” inventory. THen there are scores and stuff you do with those scores. Complication: well, the site with the learning inventory updated it so teh scores aren’t done the same way any more. Solution: give the students the instructions […]

(I shouldn’t say this out loud) :)

April 16, 2015


“I like what this class is about.   I shouldn’t say that out loud…”   (It’s our Math Literacy class)… then she says that the Pre-Algebra was like the columns that this class could be built on. Testify 🙂

Throwback Thursday … naw, don’t throw it back.

September 4, 2014


Spent entirely too much time looking for the flash drive I plucked from its socket and put … put… oh, it was tucked into a zipped part that I hadn’t unzipped on my too-many-pocketed waist-bag.   However, I could have been doing other things than seeking it between students those afternoon hours… … but in cleaning […]

How’s Tricks?

July 26, 2014


Another brief twitterfest on “tricks” and whether we should nix ’em or not. I need to grab the picture of all the procedures for fractions in one place because I think it is a great springboard for duscussion. I’m thinking that for some, this would seem to be a *great* “study aid.” Hey, just […]

Screenshot from the App of Doom

May 23, 2014


I’ve got the slider working, but now I need to think in that foreign language — the visual — so that this isn’t just some nicely colored blobs. I think my plan will be to figure out the other necessary “make it an app that works” logistics before diving back and trying to get it […]

Sunday, Sunday

January 26, 2014


(to the tune of Monday, Monday :)) Now is the dangerous part of The LEarning PRocess.   I dove in and got ahead before the semester started.  Enough of both courses are online, so that was manageable.  THat’s meant I haven’t had to do a lot. Welp, now the course has caught up with me, […]

Back to it

August 13, 2013


Back to it… see the previous post for the delectable list.  … so after this almost delectable list, the commenter proceeds to talk about the really awesome and amazing things technology can do to effect these things… things like… wait for it… ALEKS.    I did my darndest to pull in my fangs — these […]

Thinking about word problems

July 21, 2013


An idea to bridge to those horrible things called “word problems:” there are math situations where students can get the answer easily, but they haven’t thought about the math they did to get there. Odds are, they didn’t think they were doing math (so, it occurs to me, the “we never use math” means “we […]

It’s a plot…

May 1, 2013


and here, in the final week of classes, they’re trying to plot graphs on graph paper.   They’ve got the points; they’ve got the paper.   However, figuring out how to assign numbers to the axes is not obvious to them. These folks can do math problems; they can factor quadratic equations.  They have been […]