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November 14, 2018


Last week a student came in to prep for assessment.   I was ‘snatching myself bald-headed’ saying, “no, finish the assessment.  If you don’t know it, *then* you’ll get to practice it.”  No, the student really really really wanted to get things right based on fragments of misremembered procedures… I was bemoaning that procedural background (not […]

Rabbit holes

May 30, 2016


An entirely too-long blurb yesterday morning on Weekend Edition was about a “rabbit hole” — the thing that happens when you get online and click from one thing to the next.      I’ve had some awesome opportunities come up from going down rabbit holes… but they’ve reached a critical mass where I need to […]

ALEKS and inside Higher Ed

August 29, 2015

0   Oops, that has nothing to do with it but it’s really cool.   One of our local bike businesses has got 50 single speed ‘minimalist’ bikes that they will rent for *** $69 **** a semester.   (Erm, yes, they’re smart enough to want a deposit, too.)   They’ll maintain the bike.   Think […]

Visual Models of Fractions

March 7, 2015


So, #dlday was a bit of a disappointment, but Friday I found    It blends extremely well in its language with our “part whole” foundation to our Transitions course. Common Core is something I don’t interact directly with (at least not yet).   I hear about how it will affect how students will be placed […]

Example of math thinking that some people haven’t learned

February 22, 2015


People often preach that even if we’re never going to use math in real life, learning it teaches problem solving and analytical thinking.   HOwever, almost nobody ever goes on to, say, give an example of that thinking that would be useful, which in my mind classifies it as a platitude. I’m going to try […]

Video assumption

September 14, 2013


Lots and lots of people have made video lessons about math stuff.  Why are they made as separate entities?   When I taught people to read who really, really, really struggled with that skill, we had tons and tons of constant review. Every lesson had a serious chunk of review.  In the long run, it […]

Busy, busy!

April 19, 2013


      Friday has managed to get here 🙂 A tweet suggested that April is the most depressing month for teachers because we can see our failures, and I concur.  I don’t mean students as failures, but rather those painful failures to have conveyed a concept.   Too many students still divide the big […]