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October 1, 2016


Oh, I’ll paste that too long to read thing to a drive document and just say … I MISS CODING!!!!   It tastes good.    

Atom Fail.

September 25, 2016


So I’m having the usual complete frustration with things computer.   I thought I’d installed Atom successfully but I have no idea where it actually *is* on the computer.   The setup ?  Oh, that landed in ONE DRIVE.   Yea, that makes sense, NOT. Oops, you can’t undo your accidental click so … it’s […]

javascript homework

October 1, 2012


I skipped class last week. Sometimes church and school conflict… … this week’s work has three parts. Part one, the “basic,” took me about 3 hours to figure out.   Then it took another 45 minutes to do over because the file got erased. Since I was practicing what worked, I figured that was a blessing […]

Actionscript fun….

September 2, 2012


… I’m feeling like a “real” … oh, programmer wouldn’t be the right term, but I just took a teeny bit of code through a fine tooth comb and … decided to try Different Things than the words… I’m trying to make a pingpong game per and I set the “ball” to move as […]