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Khan Academy…

October 22, 2020


“Phil on Ed Tech” interviewed Sal Khan at CanvasCon. I registered for it but couldn’t get into anything interesting so I inferred it was Big Corporate Entities talking at Big Institutions and bugged out. Wish I could remember the really cool online conference that had lounges and chat rooms and everything… Did Sal Khan think […]


May 20, 2017


… morning ride rained out but there’s an afternoon “food cruise” scheduled.   As local weather goddess, I’m expecting a window of clarity — but I’ve never been as lucky with wind as I am with rain. Need to figure out how to do things on the computer where I have to do online without […]

just because I’m distractable doesn’t mean I

May 12, 2015


Coursera emailed a recommended course in making apps. You can’t find out stuff like “okay, what is the course really about” without signing up so I did. It says I’ll need to know Java .(encouraging — I don’t want the ‘easy app maker, plug your pieces in!’ thing) .. and Coursera will give me free […]

gnawing at the khan academy bone

December 15, 2014


Okay, Okay, I should dive deeper into D2L — but I watched a mess of videos and it’s 4:00 and Khan Academy came up in several assorted conversations, not initiated by me, today. I was inspired to share the “shipping beats perfection” motto per their employee recruitment, which meant I ended up reading more, including […]


November 9, 2014


I follow Justin Reich on Twitter ’cause he hosted the #mtt2k contest in 2012, where people entered videos that critiqued Khan Academy videos. ( has the whole story). So when he posted that his current adventures in a MOOC about technology and innovation in education included an “unhangout,” I snuck over and unhung. I […]

The Khan Academy Experience, continued

April 28, 2014


I’m evaluated “OERs” — open educational resources — at   It’s a pretty awesome site and idea — share good sites, and evaluate them and share the knowledge. I found a pretty nifty lesson on area and perimeter, and was pretty happy at how Sal Khan presented area with color pictures with tiles that […]

MOOC you very much.

September 29, 2013


Welp… I am pretty sure that the best use of my time is to not waste any more of it in Broward College’s MOOC land.   It is in the time-“honored” tradition of “let’s see how quickly we can review some procedures for everything you need to know.”  And, of course, it is sprinkled with those […]

“Did I miss anything?”

July 22, 2013


  … that’s the blog title our College President uses.  While I’ve been generally favorably impressed by him, the answer is an unequivocal “YES” when he continues to post the rah-rah spin articles about Khan Academy and Developmental Math.   Gosh, the article says, students will learn the concepts because there are activities online that […]

Third Prize~

August 30, 2012


Yes, I emailed all my Parkland College Graphic Arts teachers to show them that those Graphic Design skills pay off but no, I’m not quitting the day job ;). However, I am thinking about where to go with math and animated interactive lessons… perhaps a proposal for a concept-based math module like the one we’re […]

Object Oriented

August 14, 2012


   Spent the week in the mountains — not as much hiking as last year, when we tackled Bear Church Rock as well as “backwards” Old Rag   This year it was Big Meadows and for me just the “regular” trip up to the summit and back. I reconciled my reluctance to do the rock scramble […]