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Diving in!

March 20, 2017


Of course, within a minute of “okay, I’m ready to record!”   … a student has arrived.   Still, I can do that first thing in the a.m. —  knowing that then I’ll go to the tech folks to see how to make better sound quality, etc. anyway.   I need a “sharable rough draft.” […]

Magic, magic!

December 29, 2015


I was stuck (like, all-day-hours-and-nuthin-to-show) and went to the sink at 5:00 and said, “okay, I need some magic to get me unstuck.”  Magic answered, “Go back to your desk and give it another try.”   And I went back and got unstuck.   Except now I have to take the things that are unstuck […]

Taste of Elegance ;)

December 22, 2015


Yippppeee!!!!   It worrrkkkeed!!!! The app is progressing… and so is my skill level.  For the first time in my life, I had a method “return” an object 🙂   It’s just something that I had a lot of trouble grasping… and I’m sure it won’t be my favorite thing but … I feel so […]

It’s all due tomorrow…

December 8, 2015


Yesterday evening I got inheritance to work w/ my question generator, so I have the “any old random number” version and something I can make into something else. Might just check out Stack Overflow (which *seems* to be less snarky and nasty these days) to see how people remember all the variables and things in […]

If dreams came true…

September 9, 2015


Then I would be at a house and discovering that my old choir director was also taking my apps course and was working on some cool apps that he showed me.   Yes, that’s what I dreamed last night 😉  Oh, I had a crush on that choir director 🙂 Realized that saving those files […]

Another awesome Marilyn Burns idea

August 18, 2015

0 I remember getting an email of a recipe for key lime pie from a cycling buddy. It was a masterpiece, and I recognized that it would never make it in a cookbook, because space is at such a premium. She could include things like “just leave the eggs out. Your grandma used to do […]

Android Studio, puttering…

August 12, 2015


I actually did spend a fair amount of time between traipsing on the mountains … mucking about with Android Studio. I got to page 65 of 298 or so of my copied and pasted notes from our Android Apps course. Where I’m sort of stalled is where we review Java, because I want to make […]

The New Guy, stackOverflow, etc

March 27, 2015


I found a detailed review of my new computer and oh, it has a “hard drive,” not solid state, so it’s not an UltraBook.   The reviewer also said it wasn’t up to real multitasking and … it looks like that’s true.   (It’s an Asus i3 “Flip” notebook that ran me $530.)   I’m […]

It works it works it works ;)

February 8, 2015


Okay, I’m not *quite* sure why… but I changed a constructor and my “draw the array this-away” did that! It’s a Java application because that Java II class assignment from hades last year was enough like what I want to do so I used it as a template.  THe minor miracle was reconstructing a design […]

Oh, Hermione, inner Hermione …

February 7, 2015


…  did she have to multitask? I’m trying to set up my “chessboard” from The Awful Lab, which would display the “landable” spaces on the board when you clicked on a pieces name. I want to figure out how to randomly pick a spot *anywhere* on the board…. then figure out whether it’s far enough […]