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June 29, 2022


…. is harder today, partly because I don’t know how far to go down side roads. I asked a question on the Moodle Forum and I got a deep answer suggesting entirely different constructions for the number line questions, but based only on the one where I had 9 drop zones all with answers. I […]


April 20, 2021


One of my tweeple is also doing duolingo for Spanish. I mentioned that I’d briefly scanned for “duolingo for math.” Yes, it’s discussed and there are several “things modeled after it.” Sigh, though, the modeling after is … the yays and the clicks and the levels …. the stuff of “how can we structure this […]

Opportunity rings

January 25, 2020


It’s been really busy in the ‘academic development lab’ — yes, so busy that students show up, turn around and leave because it’s too crowded and they know they won’t get the help they need. No, I am not going to switch over to appointments (though I should consider maybe for N hours/week — but […]

extra sports

January 5, 2018


I’d participated in “reviewing” lessons from Illustrative Math, and I focused on the “support” lessons, which it was noted were largely undeveloped. We got the feedback from comments and a nice table with everybody’s comments and replies to them. Mine weren’t included.   You see, they are “on hold with the extra sports” to see if […]

Open Educational Resources: it’s worth the effort

September 18, 2017


I love that teachers are sharing their enhancements to Illustrative Mathematics.   This is what the “open” in “Open Educational Resources” is all about!   The IM lessons are licensed CC-BY — “attribution.”   Everybody can use them, revise them, even use them commercially as long as credit is given. The sharing process completely lacks any […]