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overwhelm ;)

January 12, 2022


A *little* less today maybe? Pomodoro is my friend. It took 10 minutes to make and send an .mp4 to a student with an explanation of a word problem that was a basic “read it and find that on the chart” thing. The next one is oh, 4 times as complicated (if every layer is […]

Fall Starts :)

September 21, 2019


Not to be confused with False Starts, tho’ heaven knows they seem to be frequent. Things learned from summit: lots of people are curious about GIMP. I approached it from “This is how I make sure the content in my OER is *mine*” which seemed to matter based on the nods and comments. The 12-minute-takeaway […]

Dumb Tricks

October 3, 2017


D’oh… deciding not to devote a mess of time to GIMPing “additive inverse — I can do it later — but YAY for Youtube… John Barclay informs that I can grab number lines by tracing spreadsheet graphs.   Note to self:   This is great for your FSI presentation (“GIMP FOR PEOPLE WHO DON’T HAVE TIME TO […]


July 13, 2017


I have decided to keep track of the stuff I’m learning in GIMP and perhaps share it with people (and at least have a trail I can go back to when I can’t remember something).  Could there be collaborating teachers making things like cool images? Or is the learning curve not worth it? First thing […]

Rainy days and Mondays

July 11, 2017


Go ahead and Google it — one of those “great songs of the sixties” that was really from 1971 🙂 I thought today was massively unproductive — put together 1.7 and 1.8 but I thought they were done last week and… 1.9 is exponents.  As with the multiplication… I felt the concept was too important […]

GIMP lesson

December 22, 2014


Okay, to review what we learned today in GIMP.  No, it’s not a tutorial — just a review… To make a circle, click on the “select an oval” and make one with shift down so it’s a circle. Then “fill” that circle. Then make the canvas and everything shrink down around it, and export it […]