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Worksheet done :)

February 20, 2018

3  is the link to my “worksheet.”   Now, when I went to mess more with it, I got a 404 for so I accept I’m supposed to drop this for Modumath for a day or four. I even had a student try it.   Student did much better when I walked away.  🙂 Now, so’s […]


February 17, 2018


REally missing Mary Cliff’s “folk music and things you can see from there” show.  She’d have found the songs people have been singing *forever* — new ones and ancient ones, from all over the world — about the realities of evil and what people do to get around it. Meanwhile, back at the ranch … […]

Epiphany :)

January 6, 2018


The holiday, not something that has happened today (at least yet). GOing to give geogebra an hour — but yes, it’s going on back burner because no, it’s not something I”ll be able to actually h.  elp students learn with at this point and students are showing up at my door now.    139 views […]

Meeting, DONE :)

January 4, 2018


So… I missed a flurry of emails last night ’cause I was home not checking work email about whether this morning’s meeting should be put off.   Have I mentioned how much I don’t fit well into this kind of role?   Fortunately, everybody who needed to be there was there and … they’re awesome people 🙂 […]

just about break time :)

December 21, 2017


Yes, I hopped the bus and took the poinsettias home. Picked up _Seeds of Destruction_ and Marilyn Burns’ book about Math Phobia … the latter being the one that drew me. So many ways to make math visual and concrete, esp. with fractions — the “uncover” game (tho’ I think it should start with covering […]

Geogebra … crash

December 3, 2017


Wow.   Just… wow. It seems that asking a question without a screenshot is a mortal sin.   I asked what “BP” stood for — thinking, (forgive me!!! mea culpa and I mean that, to a degree)… that BP was a common heading to the spreadsheet thing about each element in your app.   I […]


November 5, 2017


Geogebra.   “Lists” are a lot like arrays, tho’ the first element is list(1) not zero; zero will get “undefined. No, I still have no idea how to actually SET THE STUPID X AXIS TO THE SIZE I WANT.   I mean, I know how to set it but it changes if I so much as move […]