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Why I love Modumath

March 8, 2017


We’ve got a subscription for Modumath, a series of math tutorials, and we’re building a course in D2L around it.  Nope, not open.  (Sigh, they have other stuff that is.) I’m figuring out which lessons to add OER to, to enhance the lesson.   Knowing people fall off the ‘math train’ with division, that’s a […]

Credit Recovery Algebra study

February 4, 2017


… short summary:   it didn’t work very well. Interesting because coincidentally,  Facebook posted at me a sponsored post from “Keystone School,” an online school, describing their GED track that people who’d dropped out could take. There’s a fast track if you’ve got more than 12 credit hours that takes a year and a 1-3 year […]

Why leave the visuals behind?

June 6, 2016


On my twitter feed, Steve Wyborney posted an awesome little graphic which I am stealing and posting below:  He asks that if somebody uses it in K-2, to “take a pic of your board and send my way!” Then there’s the awesome Donna Boucher who has all kinds of resources on her site for making […]


May 12, 2016


So, I figured out how to skip all the parts with Git and GitHub and pushing and pulling and what have you… and I’ve got the “app-release” version “pre-beta” at  … and I told a few people about it. So to download it, you need to tell your device (and I don’t know how recent […]

Gratuitous MOOCS

May 5, 2016


The EdX MOOC from earlier was uploaded each Tuesday evening U.S. time.   Naw, you can’t get ahead; it’s atomatically programmed.  Last night somebody posted asking what had happened to week 1 (week 0 started last Tues)… and the nice TA said “refer to your syllabus, or Week 0.”  (As in, they didn’t know? ) […]

GED webinar

April 28, 2016


  First, the usual description of “traditional unproductive.”   Why, why is the “traditional” way of doing things always deemed “unproductive”?   It’s incredibly unscientific to start that way.   Can we not learn from the Evil Traditional Way? The slide itself just called ’em unproductive vs. productive…  first unproductive one being “Students can learn […]

Is learning math getting the answer the book gives when it’s wrong?

May 31, 2014


So we’re having this lively discussion on LINCS about that “challenge problem.” Nobody can tell me why the bases have to be the same… but they’re all gamely trying to “help me understand” how to get to the solution. Dudes.   I understand five different ways to get to the solution given. All of those […]