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boring thought organizing

March 4, 2023


I’m perusing “how to do poster presentations” and oh, the audience is *so* clearly 20-something grad students trying to impress but this one from Hopkins looks good (LOL viewers will have different cognitive styles!). The big picture? Let’s try this: SOME STUDENTS NEED DEVELOPMENTAL MATH. SKILLS AND SCORES Students are arriving at college without the […]

The video is out there!

June 23, 2015

0 There she be.   I’ve watched parts of it — looks like me :-0  ! Just had a student drop in who needs to review for the assessment… who was in my Java course.  So we regaled each other with appreciative remembrances of things like *good schedules* and having everything online where you could […]


May 29, 2015


Okey dokey, if I’m going to do this more (there’s a topic for prayer and reflection) I’m going to have to get better with the tech stuff. WHat? SUe? Get better with the tech stuff?   Aren’t you the one who is always helping everybody else? Yea, but when I have to process a presentation […]

Really really really almost there!

May 23, 2015


The links in powerpoint Powerpoint I need to figure out the best “handout” to have; it could be a one pager with The MOst IMportant STuff and a link to the details, online.  It could be a shortened version of the powerpoint (with lots of the photographs removed) along with the links list, which is […]