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Rainy days and Mondays

July 11, 2017


Go ahead and Google it — one of those “great songs of the sixties” that was really from 1971 🙂 I thought today was massively unproductive — put together 1.7 and 1.8 but I thought they were done last week and… 1.9 is exponents.  As with the multiplication… I felt the concept was too important […]

What’s taught vs. what’s learned

June 11, 2014


A student is reviewing for our assessment test, and going over “simplifying expressions.”  She is learning that u^2 + 1 + u – 1 is u^2 + u… … she will probably understand which combinations of letters and powers can be added and which can’t.  However, with the kind of examples and instruction in “test […]

exponent lesson

May 23, 2012


1. I don’t know how tos et it so it doesn’t loop forever (tho’ that may be a user-end setting) 2. Um, no, I haven’t figured out how to animate yet 😉 This is frame by frame stuff. 3. Symbols are my native language so revisions will shift away from that and emphasize the “square” […]