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June 8, 2021


I’ve already had a student ūüôā This one is repeating a class and … has learned *so much.* As in, a living, breathing reason why our full service support is needed and beneficial. You really wouldn’t recognize this one as the same person. first time through, learning the whole array of navigation — here’s a […]

Github in the news

February 26, 2017


I’ve occasionally posted about the frustrations of getting all excited about the openness of GitHub … with the extreme challenge of figuring it out and having time to do that stuff. Well, the trend seems to be shifting. ¬† THere was an article earlier in the year, claiming people should get into GitHub and giving […]

“remediate the skill, not the standard”

February 5, 2017

0 Yes, she recycles her posts but this one’s definitely worth it. It’s not about tech but it could be. ¬† Depending on which wrong answer a student chooses, the teaching should be adapted. We could do that with tech, too. ¬† Pathways… especially if we included humans who could ask questions of the student […]

More open in the press…

February 2, 2017


… My ed tech buddy at the U of I sent this to me: ¬†Top Fears Shutting the Door on Open Education¬† from ¬†. Surprise 1: ¬†¬†In this context, concerns about “accessibility” have nothing to do with ADA and everything to do with “if it’s on the web, that website might go bell up […]

Mathia X Review

June 8, 2016


(Note/update:¬† ¬†The folks at Carnegie have done some revisions and said they’d contact me, confident they could convince me that things are ‘not just practice.’¬† That was November and despite another nudge or two, no contact, no convincing… I really am convinceable but it requires more than “but the test scores went up!” ) I […]

Penultimate Monday

April 25, 2016


Next Monday is the last MOnday of classes; exam week starts that Friday. ¬† Yup, it’s busy in the tutoring lab! I did get in the 15-20 minutes to finish up editing the Key to Chapter One, though I will need to go back through it and find what I missed since it was very […]

Just Sayin’

April 24, 2013


… ALEKS has ’em doing hte distance formula, and they get a nice problem to do (you don’t get instruction with ALEKS; you have to ask it to “explain”). ¬† The “explanation” is the distance formula. Zilch, zero, nada about where it comes from. ¬† Guess what? ¬† The students find it hard to keep […]