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boring thought organizing

March 4, 2023


I’m perusing “how to do poster presentations” and oh, the audience is *so* clearly 20-something grad students trying to impress but this one from Hopkins looks good (LOL viewers will have different cognitive styles!). The big picture? Let’s try this: SOME STUDENTS NEED DEVELOPMENTAL MATH. SKILLS AND SCORES Students are arriving at college without the […]

Article: developmental reform

January 22, 2023


Douglas, D., Edwards, R., & McKay, H. (2020). First in the world—AMP-UP, Union County College: Final evaluation report. Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations, Education and Employment Research Center. This is the first of the 17 studies “meeting rigorous… standards” referred to in the paper linked to in Five Principles for Reforming Developmental […]

It’s not about the technology

January 13, 2023


So! I’m in the Digital Learning Lab cohort — where we try out using technology to help adults learn. Executive Summary (TL/DR:) We also know it’s not really about the tools — it’s how they’re used — and what they’re used on. With enough support and stuff to organize, WE SUCCEEDED !!! Long version 😛 […]

another article

January 8, 2023


Park, T., Woods, C. S., Hu, S., Bertrand Jones, T., & Tandberg, D. (2018). What Happens to Underprepared First-Time-in-College Students When Developmental Education is Optional? The Case of Developmental Math and Intermediate Algebra in the First Semester. Journal of Higher Education, 89(3), 318–340.   It’s Creative Commons non-commercial no-derivatives-attribution, YAY! I am not sure how/if I […]

another article or 2

November 30, 2022


Inside Higher Ed so not research, just opinion. “Deficiency Mind-Set Bedevils Developmental Math“ Okay, this person is at least dean of STEM at a technical college. He starts out stating that people have to take too many developmental classes and why are we so fixated on the algebra? Okay, to the real thing: they created […]

Reading again

October 2, 2022


I’m creating an annotated list of the Stuff About Developmental Math and yea, rereading. This one Cafarella B. Developmental Math: What’s the Answer?. Community College Enterprise [serial online]. Spring2016 2016;22(1):55-67 … I quoted its stated reasons students didn’t succeed in developmental math, – but I’d forgotten that it dove into the politics behind compressing/eliminating it, […]

Next Article

September 6, 2021


So! Fyfe, E. R., Matthews, P. G., & Amsel, E. (2020). College developmental math students’ knowledge of the equal sign. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 104(1), 65–85. (I’m “at the library” online and signed in, so these are probably limited access. To the best of my knowledge, anybody can get an account to get this access at […]

Another article: it’s all about access.

May 28, 2021


Note the first paragraph: led to “gains in access.” Access isn’t equity, last I heard. They changed placement rules and more people had access!! (Not saying this is a bad thing, just thinking that it being “remarkable” is interesting.) Okay, now to the actual success insaid courses: 61% ofall students taking English first time successfully […]

Literature summary

January 21, 2020


In summer 2018 I had a slow week and I dug out stuff on developmental math and the “reform” movement.   Seemed this winter break was a good time to sweep back to it… one tangent article and webinar were about reforming *high school* with a pithy metaphor:   we should be making mathematics “a pump, not […]

Articles N + 1, N+2, N+3

January 17, 2020


Reading on the bus: Multiplication is for white people because I left the article about Florida on my desk. Descriptions of middle and high school classrooms where students are coloring…. makes me want to GET OUT THERE and shake things. (THe “Crayola Curriculum…” I suppose word searches are a full step ahead of this in […]