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October 28, 2018


Whereas, my well-tagged adding video got visits and average watch time was over a minute (whole thing is 2:04)… absolute value is way ahead of everybody else… it’s also well tagged including the word “khan.”    Time for an experiment 🙂 … also awash in cool resources.   New York’s  TABE concepts  is a good summary, although […]


June 18, 2018


I’m writing up the “background” for this OER math project.   “Explain how the project came about…”   well, that would take a page or two… I wanted to link to UDL principles and noticed they “have a new home”  and that their chart still outlines “Provide multiple means of…” representation, action and expression, and engagement.” […]

Grant thoughts

November 8, 2016


Adult Ed and Open Educational Resources are having a bit of a challenge getting in the door.  We need good adult ed resources at all levels — texts, activities, software, etc — but how to get them made? Adult ed is the poor stepchild of higher ed.   Many adult ed “instructors” are volunteers or […]