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More learning in geogebra

March 30, 2018


(Category:   boring commentary on learning computer stuff.) First, a Canvas observation:   somebody tweeted about the amazing community and linked to a discussion question.  It exemplified Canvas.  A person posted an issue – wanting to make an “image gallery” (with explanation), and was told “well, you can’t do that in Canvas.”   The person expressed her disappointment […]

Precision in language

January 17, 2017


I got an official looking envelope in the mail imploring me to buy some insurance. It was “State regulated” life insurance! That makes it official, right? If I taught literacy I would so use this as an example of “dress up the language and make people think it means something else.” (and … regarding Canvas. […]

“not enough votes”

January 9, 2017


When somebody’s “idea” for a “feature” in Canvas doesn’t get enough votes, it gets shelved. A person cuts and pastes a form message about it saying how cool you are for participating. I’m thinking there’s a rather natural filtering so that those who stay in the Canvas community are those with a really high tolerance for […]

Hmmm… timers…

December 12, 2016


I know that I can’t be “focus police” for folks in here, but I’m suspecting that some people could use it (as in, the ones who spontaneously used the Time Timer).   Hmmm.   Maybe I’ll grab a couple of cooking timers (thanks, Howard !  The Time Timer is designed for people who don’t necessarily understand […]

BOring ramble about learnign Canvas

November 29, 2016


Going to try to get a bunch of quizzes done to make a “mastery path.”   Since I’m learning both things, I’m confident I’ll need a total do-over anyway… … oh, REMEMBER:   Make quizzes *in a bank* not a quiz if you want to re-use them!   Otherwise you have to export the whole […]

Scrabbling up the learning curve

November 16, 2016


… so when you’re in the early, early stages and nothing’s automatic… you go back to something you started — not realizing that when you started, you didn’t know better than to call a quiz a “survey” because that means none of the questions have “right” or “wrong” answers. I figured I should just start […]


August 6, 2016


Exploring figuring out Canvas and they’ve got an app to click and search for OER … that includes LearnZillion lessons.   So I dove in, because they weren’t “open” a few years back; they were free, but They. Owned. All. Rights. Well, now under terms, it says that “certain” of their resources are creative commons […]