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More learning in geogebra

March 30, 2018


(Category:   boring commentary on learning computer stuff.) First, a Canvas observation:   somebody tweeted about the amazing community and linked to a discussion question.  It exemplified Canvas.  A person posted an issue – wanting to make an “image gallery” (with explanation), and was told “well, you can’t do that in Canvas.”   The person expressed her disappointment […]

Canvas up and down

September 28, 2017


So I visited Canvas b/c hey, I could get a new badge about “rogues”  and — they actually, at their conference, had a lively discussion of users who aren’t employees or anything, but just contribute a lot and answer a lot of questions.   (Some had fewer user points than I do, but … asking […]

Rote what?

August 15, 2017


Just sayin’  it’s a lot less frustrating cranking out the “turn that equation into MathML and tweak a few things” than it is … figuring out workarounds with the limitations of the Canvas LMS. Because it just. sucks.    The not being able to copy things whacks me down oh, every half hour or so. […]

Another bad design example

January 23, 2017


Hey, this is part of the learning process, right? So looking all around the Canvas ‘help’ community, there’s a tab for “resources.” All of the resources are on this site.   None of them go to the mysterious “resources” place. However, there are things that you’re asked to use that do.   You’re not told […]

Precision in language

January 17, 2017


I got an official looking envelope in the mail imploring me to buy some insurance. It was “State regulated” life insurance! That makes it official, right? If I taught literacy I would so use this as an example of “dress up the language and make people think it means something else.” (and … regarding Canvas. […]


January 11, 2017


Decided to make the ‘number bar’ version of the addition facts images the ‘default’ because that is easier to translate into ‘place value’ images when I get to the ‘adding ten’ lesson. This made me realize that I’ve neglected to fill in the ‘alt’ tag for the image, which defaults to the file name which […]

“not enough votes”

January 9, 2017


When somebody’s “idea” for a “feature” in Canvas doesn’t get enough votes, it gets shelved. A person cuts and pastes a form message about it saying how cool you are for participating. I’m thinking there’s a rather natural filtering so that those who stay in the Canvas community are those with a really high tolerance for […]

LOL Canvas

December 16, 2016


The whole “change submit button” topic speaks volumes at several levels about reading and critical thinking.   First, the idea phrased by some that students just need to click around or wait to be told what to do is actively discouraging independent critical thinking.  Second, many of the repliers haven’t read critically — they see […]

Canvas and Khan

December 14, 2016


Somebody put into the “idea” section of the Canvas Community that the “Submit Assignment” button should be changed to “Begin Assignment,” because students got confused — because they thought that “submit” meant you were going to turn it in. The replies included lots of people saying “Amen!” and then somebody saying “well, my students weren’t […]

Scrabbling up the learning curve

November 16, 2016


… so when you’re in the early, early stages and nothing’s automatic… you go back to something you started — not realizing that when you started, you didn’t know better than to call a quiz a “survey” because that means none of the questions have “right” or “wrong” answers. I figured I should just start […]