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overwhelm ;)

January 12, 2022


A *little* less today maybe? Pomodoro is my friend. It took 10 minutes to make and send an .mp4 to a student with an explanation of a word problem that was a basic “read it and find that on the chart” thing. The next one is oh, 4 times as complicated (if every layer is […]

Wow, Camtasia…

December 4, 2016


Okay, mucking about with Canvas has me accustomed to things at the beta stage, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised but this is nice. So I made a little video (2:13… a little long for my liking…)   and then … arghabilly, no, it can’t do anything because it’s missing a certain *.dll file and […]

Sometimes stuff works :-)

June 11, 2015


Failed at “turn off the INternet and make stuff” this a.m. and went out and rode the bike fiercely at lunch (having had *coffee,* not tea) and tried to condense the looong drive “psych yourself into really making this count” talk that worked for the presentation into half an hour. I returned and successfully, quickly […]

Almost Midterm…

September 30, 2014


Yes, some folks are getting on the Withdrawal boat… but if it’s from our newly designed math courses, they get to get right back on the same course at midterm, since they’ve pretty much gone to quarters for the algebra courses.  I almost kinda wish they would do the same for PRe-Algebra, given the chances […]

Those ever changing rules

August 15, 2014


Nifty keen-o — will let you download an article listing some of the big conceptual confounders.   It has been really helpful for me to begin talking about integers with the idea that we may be uprooting some well-entrenched models of what math means:   that “plus” always means add and make a number bigger. […]


June 19, 2013


I’ve spent my week bike-camping with GITAP folks, and now it is SUmmer Session. Happily, there’s nothing like a week sleeping in a tent to make the 7:30 arrival time (the price of the 4-day work week) an easy adjustment. So, 7.25 work-weeks remaining in which to produce Working Stuff For The Transitions Course.   […]

First reviews in…

September 15, 2011


… I showed one of the videos to a math class. SOme of ’em thought there were too many sound effects 😉 That would be the exploding noises I made when positive and negative canceled each other out… and after the singing, during which I blushed, I was asked if I were the narrator… Basically […]

Subtracting, tentative…

September 6, 2011


… okay, the audio isn’t right yet, but I’ve got the “subtracting” rough draft. Want to get times and division (which are so much simpler), but In the Meantime, Fractions are calling ’cause I’m doing a presentation 9/20 and 9/21. I’m more than a little curious as to whether it’ll get better than previous effort […]

More on Youtube

August 25, 2011


… tho’ I am thinking of sticking to my site after putting the first handful up. Introducing positive and negative integers Adding same signed integers – Adding integers of different signs

Garage syndrome

August 11, 2011


That’s when you know a chunk of software was done by Not Too Many People. I guess I am just supposed to INFER COSMICALLY how to add audio on top of my camtasia, which I recorded without the mic working, but didn’t discover ’til after it was produced. Well, I should be able to edit, […]