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Rabbit holes?

March 26, 2017


My Internet Saturday Morning involved a twitter request for OER for vocational programs for math… without too many answers since its Friday afternoon posting.  I linked to my spare-time-not-quite-fledglings … and hopefully this week I can make an even bigger dent on things, tho’ students will be back and they come first. I didn’t put in […]

Math on the edge

November 18, 2016

0  Sigh, I *need* to be working on the Canvas project.  (I need to find my *&* wallet.) Still, watching these videos of students thinking and processing is so affirming.   HEre’s you’re PhD project, people:   interview (or hypnotize) students who score poorly on these college math assessment tests. Find out just how many […]

wine and blog :)

July 29, 2016


I sipped wine and skimmed the last 5 years of blogging. Alas, it didn’t really help with my “what was I doing, when?”  as much as I’d hoped.   I did find the elusive video of “counting stick multiplication” per  (I hadn’t been able to find it from memory). … and oh, my, I miss […]

Another conference lurk, Canvas

July 21, 2016


So!   Enrollment is open for the “Instructional Design Service COurse: Gain Experience for Good” course in the fall (beginning September 12). We’re invited back and seems the folks at Canvas find the course worthy of giving us all free accounts.   Now, it may be their standard “free for teachers” account so they’re not actually […]

ants on the beach, NOT.

February 18, 2016


Saw this nifty thing in Edutopia: It’s rather in contrast to one of the videos in the MOOC on ed tech I’m dabbling in, where a guy extolled “cognitive tutors” and stated that learners follow the same path, if a complex one (and, oh, that nobody has time to actually hone tutoring skills so […]

No, really, blended learning chapter one :)

February 25, 2015


I’m enjoying this chapter introducing “blended learning,” though as with just about everything educational I’ve ever read, parts of it could be condensed and simplified 🙂 It notes that “Although fully online learning has become well established in higher education, many institutions appear to be struggling with conceptualizing and implementing blended learning.”    I’m not […]