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September 18, 2021


Oh, boy oh boy, another article about how we Just Shouldn’t Place Anybody In Developmental Math. “Maximizing Math Throughput of Students Who Did Not Complete Algebra 2 in High School.” Wow, that was the title? There was lots of analysis but if this were an essay, then I’d expect there to be oh, perhaps more […]

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September 6, 2021


So! Fyfe, E. R., Matthews, P. G., & Amsel, E. (2020). College developmental math students’ knowledge of the equal sign. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 104(1), 65–85. (I’m “at the library” online and signed in, so these are probably limited access. To the best of my knowledge, anybody can get an account to get this access at […]

developmental ed article N + 1

March 19, 2020


  Okay, okay, I’m technically not at work ’cause it’s 7:48 in my office.  The map of corona virus with circles… they shrank the circles today.  I guess they were overlapping.   Yesterday I successfully shopped for a few things at food coop  — I have soap and water on the bicycle.    Think I’m going […]

Background article reading

April 19, 2018


Whereas I’m indoctrinated that anything you talk about should include a literature review, I dipped into “developmental math” yesterday.   Instant gratification: Reference List Weisburst E, Daugherty L, Miller T, Martorell P, Cossairt J. Innovative Pathways Through Developmental Education and Postsecondary Success: An Examination of Developmental Math Interventions Across Texas. Journal Of Higher Education [serial online]. March 2017;88(2):183-209. […]