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June 3, 2022


Whew!! Byooodiful day. Sigh, ,almost 7000 cases in the state but … the trend is sorta kinda acting like it’s going down. Whereas I signed up to do the “math” part of the “welcome new people” next THursday so I found this file on connecting representations for Just Plain Numbers. And this is a cool […]

a good day ;)

May 27, 2022


… tho’ I absolutely need to be more consistent about “no, keep moving the stuff forward between people” part instead of the “i’m going to be interrupted anyway so I might as well cruise twitter.” Worked w/ stu trying to get through HS math online. Good. Grief. If they had had my teachers, they wouldn’t […]


August 10, 2020


  Okay, I haven’t really done That Thing but I discovered that I’m a week off — it’s not prep week yet!   I took last week off except for checking emails occasionally… but now I *will* have this week to figure out … how to keep from feeling like I’m on a boat that’s drifted […]

Structured vision

September 14, 2017


…. that’s what I have, eh? Well, yesterday I *did* successfully put together “1.4”  — adding integers with the same sign number on the number line.   Next weeK  :   1.5   (adding different signs, then mixing htem up.) THen for *my* course I”m going to follow the ORton-Gillingham principle of ‘don’t teach the […]

Grant thoughts

November 8, 2016


Adult Ed and Open Educational Resources are having a bit of a challenge getting in the door.  We need good adult ed resources at all levels — texts, activities, software, etc — but how to get them made? Adult ed is the poor stepchild of higher ed.   Many adult ed “instructors” are volunteers or […]