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Maps with different routes & destinations

July 24, 2015


Wishing, right now, that I were better at visual imagery. Different people need different things.   I’m putting together math lessons that parallel our “TRN 050” course — pre-pre-algebra for students who didn’t do well enough on the COMPASS test to place into Pre-algebra.   This means that they didn’t do well on the “pre-algebra […]

Oh, that Marilyn Burns influence…

June 4, 2015


I’ve been reading Marilyn Burns’ stuff for … oh, since a copy of _Math for Smarty Pants_ appeared under the Christmas tree when I was starting teaching (or maybe earlier).   She blogged recently about mental math and number sense: When students messed with a problem by themselves & with a buddy, *then* saw […]

Next Stage Started!

October 5, 2014


Roughly 75 minutes got me the antepenultimate part of my app structured. That is, I successfully set it up as our class example program and everything worked. Next: to make that do what I want it to do. The class example sent the results of the “quiz activity” to a “report activity.” The report activity […]

from “the archives”

August 11, 2011


So, I’ve been sorting through old Stuff with a fantasy of organizing ideas, and a reality of at least remembering Previously Structured Thoughts and knowing to go root for them (hooray! we’re rooting!). HEre’s a ditty on flashcards I dug up… Dear Student Having a Debate on The Use Of Flashcards as a Study Tool: […]