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VIsuals! Visuals!

May 26, 2017


Last night I chatted with a friend who’s a graphic designer specializing in educational materials.   She loved programming but … math.   She had said that when she sees a recipe and it calls for 1/3 or 2/3 … what??? I had been explaining to her the visual I need for my lessons:   […]

Endorphin-induced thoughts…

March 3, 2017


29 degrees and not much wind at all … and I got out a little early.   I could hear talk and laughter from one early-party group this “Unofficial Saint Patrick’s Day.” Imagining having funding. Imagining organizing (!yes, I think crazy thoughts on bike rides) the Urbana-Champaign node of OER innovations.  The technology and its […]

“remediate the skill, not the standard”

February 5, 2017

0 Yes, she recycles her posts but this one’s definitely worth it. It’s not about tech but it could be.   Depending on which wrong answer a student chooses, the teaching should be adapted. We could do that with tech, too.   Pathways… especially if we included humans who could ask questions of the student […]

Online courses

January 31, 2017


So!   IN between applying for a job to help enhance and create math courses… I’m trying to … build a math course!   For our folks who need to prep for the test … or already took the test and need to learn stuff… We’ve got Modumath, but its online presence is — well, […]

A new idea

January 25, 2017


LOL  the two minutes ’til end of work day and I DROVE THE CAR THING so I can’t even think about it well on the way home. Here’s my next magic grant request.   Hey.   I really should figure it out and at least plop it on a few other blogs.  So I’m doing […]


January 21, 2017


Watched a video interview with the ‘connectedness coach’ or something like that for the course. Truth be told, if I hadn’t had 15 hits on my little equity post, I’d have forgotten about #openlearning.   The semester has started so my job is actually serving students.  (Yesterday was a day I wished I had a […]

Why gamification isn’t “making it too easy”

July 27, 2016


For successful students, school already *is* a game you figure out, and grades are your badges.   The more you expect success, the harder you’re willing to fight for it. The priority should be figuring out how to make the badges ‘reward’ appropriate things (so… that cut and paste powerpoint that worked in high school […]


July 20, 2016


We need a blizzard… oops, we’re under a “heat dome” for the next days.   Reading people’s well-linked reflections on “Twitter Math Camp” could take a few days.   Oops, I really need to get the app rolling — I’ve got people who like it, and it needs the subtraction included, and I need to […]


May 12, 2016


So, I figured out how to skip all the parts with Git and GitHub and pushing and pulling and what have you… and I’ve got the “app-release” version “pre-beta” at  … and I told a few people about it. So to download it, you need to tell your device (and I don’t know how recent […]

Today’s little challenge

March 2, 2016


These are the parts of our Math Literacy that I like — except I’m not sure they’re delivered in a way to make the right thinking happen and make the ideas stick. Students graph points on x and y axes … except they’re like “real” graphs, so … “hours after midnight”  is x, f’rinstance… “Population […]