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Why leave the visuals behind?

June 6, 2016


On my twitter feed, Steve Wyborney posted an awesome little graphic which I am stealing and posting below:  He asks that if somebody uses it in K-2, to “take a pic of your board and send my way!” Then there’s the awesome Donna Boucher who has all kinds of resources on her site for making […]

Rabbit holes

May 30, 2016


An entirely too-long blurb yesterday morning on Weekend Edition was about a “rabbit hole” — the thing that happens when you get online and click from one thing to the next.      I’ve had some awesome opportunities come up from going down rabbit holes… but they’ve reached a critical mass where I need to […]

I wish.

October 27, 2015


So… my computer is all new and nekkid.   It means this rainy morning I didn’t have to tote the ‘big’ laptop (I didn’t have to tote the itty bitty transformer, either, but it fits in a 1-gallon zip-lok bag) in, ’cause YES!   I can run Android Studio (We interrupt this wish with another […]

Small but significant victories

September 22, 2015


“How can you have a set that’s equal and not equivalent? You can’t.” It’s wonderful to hear a student who isn’t locked into “What’s the formula to get the answer?” and automatically includes “no, that just won’t work,” without stress…

INspiration and … developmental math

September 6, 2015


Friday afternoon, holiday weekend and yes, attendance was down.   I still had hte pleasure of eavesdropping on a young man going over the homework and asking questions, asking more questions about the basic math that he doesn’t know yet.  Yes, it is worth teaching these folks — not to be confused with pretending that […]

Are we almost there?

August 23, 2015


I mean, almost *really* at the beginning of the semester! I just tried to send an email from Outlook to a coworker and … oh, the server is unavailable. I was able to send an email to *myself* from my gmail account, so it seems that  the whole “cloud” thing with Office 365 is Not […]

Another awesome Marilyn Burns idea

August 18, 2015

0 I remember getting an email of a recipe for key lime pie from a cycling buddy. It was a masterpiece, and I recognized that it would never make it in a cookbook, because space is at such a premium. She could include things like “just leave the eggs out. Your grandma used to do […]

Prayorities ;)

July 24, 2015


Reflected on (a.k.a. thought about but reflecting sounds so much deeper… except how could that be, when reflections bounce right off the top?) What Would Do The Most Good … and I think that would be a:  get the integer stuff do-able and link-able for when that starts … b:  *get chapter one* of the […]

Maps with different routes & destinations

July 24, 2015


Wishing, right now, that I were better at visual imagery. Different people need different things.   I’m putting together math lessons that parallel our “TRN 050” course — pre-pre-algebra for students who didn’t do well enough on the COMPASS test to place into Pre-algebra.   This means that they didn’t do well on the “pre-algebra […]

Tricks, formulas, whateer…

July 12, 2015


So the Washington Post runs this story at   … math teachers — golden opportunity for “math in real life, well sort of” and exploring ratios and radicals, which arent’ *horribly* advanced.   (If you’re not one of my MTBoS buddies and don’t remember them — well, they are also *definitely* in the ‘no, […]