Math test prep MOOCS


There are gazillion little videos out there, but here are a few full courses designed for college students at various levels of math learning. Some pretty good ones that I found some years ago… have dried up and gone away. We need sustainable OER 😉 On 1/8/2020 I dug up:

   Algebra 2 go:   courses in pre-algebra through Calc 2, with videos, worksheets, quizzes, and study guide — and includes “Exam Preparation”

 RWM101:   Foundations of Real World Math  (lots ofKhan Academy videos) 

RWM102:   Real World Math Algebra 1

My Open Mathincludes  a PreAlgebra and  a Beginning and Intermediate Algebra course.

Phoenix College Self-Study Math MOOCS  includes and arithmetic MOOC and Introductory Algebra Modules (and lots of more advanced topics).   

And now back to my irregularly unscheduled work on the times tables lessons. LOL definitely irregular when students come looking for help…

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