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I’m about making math more cognitively accessible to learners.

Here’s an example of what I’m playing with …   

It’s explained at the Rebus Community, an awesome group who’ll help folks out on the fringes like me…

I’ve worked on different projects including writing supports for students with learning disabilities for the high school curriculum from Illustrative Mathematics (they’re hiring for folks to do that for K-5… I hope that once they get that out there, they’ll go back and decide to put together full support *lessons* for the older students.) I absolutely love that they appreciate both the need for conceptual understanding and a certain amount of “discovery” for that, but recognize a need for structure and … yes…. really…. practice, too.

I applied to design digital interactive apps on Geogebra with Eureka Math in oh, June 2019; didn’t get it.

So! I went back to “okay, make it yourself,” with the goal of creating something for people to learn the times tables that isn’t meaningless rote. (Important modifier: meaningless.  Automaticity is good.)

Geogebra does *awesome* things with visuals, tho’ I’ve learned that … it’s better to actually get out THINGS and do things. stuff on a screen still isn’t really concrete. When I tried to get Geogebra to bring back stuff you missed later though… I couldn’t.  Now, I searched and found that Geogebra will “support JavaScript” but I suspect that has its own learning curve. 

I did a cool “hackathon” (neither hacking nor thon, but that’s beside the point) with Lumen Learning using H5P. This is awesome but I’m not sure it will do the review thing either… and they seem to have decided math is not a priority.

I made videos for each times table … with a few extras… Playlist here. Yea, they’re amateur. They’re now part of our Desire2Learn course for the college, with quizzes on that LMS. However, I can’t build in review there, either… maybe I could code it in, but if I have to do that, why not just do it on my own?

Oh, and #indieweb on my twitter feed keeps encouraging “make your OWN website.” Well, I have one.

I decided to explore HTML5/CSS/JavaScript . So I’ve figured some things out — thanks to the LinkedIn courses (formerly and codepen and freecodecamp (link is to the forum where yes, people answer really newbie questions without flames and *gently* tell you about basic protocol; and yesterday Randell Dawson (a moderator) reworked my hard-coded facts list with for loops, which I had done with Sequences in Geogebra but was afraid to tackle in JavaScript, WOW 🙂 ).   



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