Geogebra Workshop Information



I work at Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois helping students with math (among other things).   This June, we’ll be hosting our 3rd annual 2-day workshop about using Geogebra, featuring Steve Phelps, technology consultant for Hamilton County Educational Service Center (see his LinkedIn Page for his lengthy credentials and experience). 

Geogebra is a free, open Java and HTML5 based program (online or downloaded onto a computer) providing interactive algebra, geometry, statistics, and calculus applications so students can see and do math. Some cool examples can be found here… .  

More information and registration is found here.  The registration is free; we ask attendees to contribute $10 to pay for presenter travel and expenses.  Parkland College is easy to get to from I-72, I-57 or I-74 or by train, bus, plane or bicycle; accommodations are reasonable (we’ll send out information about food and places to stay later).   While the presentation is national-conference quality, and we strive for maximum inclusion and accessibility, this is a casual “Almost-Free, Low-Key, No-T-Shirt” event.  

Please feel free to share this with anyone who might be interested.  








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