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The public says…

August 3, 2016


I’ve had several conversations with “the general public” and… they are discerning that it’s not just “the budget” that is causing problems here at the college… that actions of the “leadership” are driving good people out, quickly. My app’s “pre-launch report”is … still in progress!   I’m wondering if my app is so small that the automatic […]

Mathia X Review

June 8, 2016


(Note/update:   The folks at Carnegie have done some revisions and said they’d contact me, confident they could convince me that things are ‘not just practice.’  That was November and despite another nudge or two, no contact, no convincing… I really am convinceable but it requires more than “but the test scores went up!” ) I […]

Two Unknowns

September 12, 2014


Our pre-algebra course Only Uses One Variable, thank you, … … students are confronted with the infamous “PersonA is 3 older than PersonB.  The sum of their ages is 50”  … with a few more words and obfuscations… PersonA                 +                 […]