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More visuals :)

March 3, 2018


A site full of virtual manipulates, which seem to be javascript ūüėČ ūüôā¬† ¬† Free, but not “OER.” The Open Education people seem to be mostly about Changing How Institutions Do THings.¬† ¬†Power In Numbers has been about curating and sharing OER for adult ed.¬† ¬†This is at such a smaller scale! I keep finding […]

Don’t drop that mic :)

February 9, 2018


I think I have a microphone that will get me good sound quality for the Camtasia stuff!¬† (Yes, geogebra, you’ve been back-burnered for a spell).¬† ¬†It’s not great yet but now it’s a matter of refining, not cringing when I hear the sibilances or sighing that the volume is 30% what it should be.¬† ¬†¬† […]

“Visual” math & devEd

December 6, 2017


From my tweetworld:¬† I think this is an excellent idea:¬† ¬†present these potentially overwhelming streams of symbols in a way that helps the learner know what to look at.¬† ¬†(I also think we need to include practice reading stuff without that little crutch.) That said, it’s just a better-looking presentation of … symbols.¬† ¬†It doesn’t […]


November 5, 2017


Geogebra.¬† ¬†“Lists” are a lot like arrays, tho’ the first element is list(1) not zero; zero will get “undefined. No, I still have no idea how to actually SET THE STUPID X AXIS TO THE SIZE I WANT.¬† ¬†I mean, I know how to set it but it changes if I so much as move […]

Dumb Tricks

October 3, 2017


D’oh… deciding not to devote a mess of time to GIMPing “additive inverse — I can do it later — but YAY for Youtube… John Barclay informs that I can grab number lines by tracing spreadsheet graphs.¬† ¬†Note to self:¬† ¬†This is great for your FSI presentation (“GIMP FOR PEOPLE WHO DON’T HAVE TIME TO […]

kinesthetic :)

September 21, 2017


So… exponents and variables and … zero power. ¬† It’s a “touch base on this” section in pre-Algebra, nothing huge or convoluted (and I don’t *think* negative powers). It just might stick. ¬† Things squared? ¬†Write it out as this times itself until you don’t have to. ¬† Zero power? ¬†write it out as base/base […]

Structured vision

September 14, 2017


…. that’s what I have, eh? Well, yesterday I *did* successfully put together “1.4” ¬†— adding integers with the same sign number on the number line. ¬† Next weeK ¬†: ¬† 1.5 ¬† (adding different signs, then mixing htem up.) THen for *my* course I”m going to follow the ORton-Gillingham principle of ‘don’t teach the […]