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jUST Sayin’

March 21, 2023


they’re doin’ the “timed test” arguments again– including that hey, we shouldn’t even be *arguing* about this because somehow “everybody knows” timed tests aren’t the best way to teach. When I was a kid, we called that “stop the silly argument, but I won!” as in, no, I can’t defend myself, so just *accept that […]

Wait Wait !

March 13, 2023


Almost noon of this first day of “spring break at the office” and YES I remembered just now to find that corrected image of bell curve with rounded off percentiles. Note: This is designed for our “math literacy” course, which only asks about numbers corresponding to *exact* standard deviations away from the mean. Yes, I […]

Out of loops

March 9, 2023


… no, not out of spoons or energy or whatever, but apparently there’s an Illinois adult ed conference next week and it never broke through to my consciousness, though it’s whole promotion about 400+ people and a great place for your products tips me from “oh, could I pull it off? It’s spring break…” to […]

New concept helper

March 7, 2023


One of ’em wasn’t new: they were given a number line with 3.4 and 3.5 on it, and ten hatchmarks between anda dot on one of ’em; they’re task: what is that number? Nope, explaining Just Didn’t Work. ALEKS would have them put a zero at the end so it would be 3.40 and then […]

How long?

February 27, 2023


Make drill and practice better …. OK, I was looking for a link and it got me to that post. And I’m … stil… finding this draft a week later… … Friday is “midway gathering” virtual and in person for the Digital Learning Lab. Nope, I’m not going to Chicago, even to see the “Google” […]

Bell Curve

February 22, 2023


They’re doin’ standard deviations in Math Literacy and I successfully found the sheets where I’d cut and paste a snip from an online page, with its copyright McGraw-Hill photographer because no, I don’t know how to draw a bell curve using Bezier curves 😛 When I went to the student I discovered they had a […]


February 22, 2023


… So, yes. One student is… getting fractions. For the first time in their life. And anotehr one said … they got a 95 on the first exam and they never got a 95 on an math exam that they ever remembered. And it was because they knew it. I absolutely promise and guarantee that […]


February 8, 2023


Structuring a course for success for developmental students. There are an awful lot of articles out there analyzing the statistics and demonstrating that students who are “underprepared” as identified by assorted methods … don’t do so well. There’s a lot of analysis of what happens when the gates are lowered, with various levels of “extra […]

Lots to process and build on

February 4, 2023


… I need to figure out my 5 minute pitch (with “go a little longer” option, as in links to places if people want to see) for Digital Learning Lab. I realized from Saturday tweets that I can do better than “they need all this structure and stuff you think is spoon feeding because … […]

scanmarker, next attempt

February 3, 2023


So!!! I’ve had this thing on the desk for some months now, because so far every time I’ve tried to try it out there’s been a Thing. Okay, I got the tech folks to go in as admins and install the software. Oops, it asks for an activation code and I’m told it’s on the […]