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Getting ready ;)

February 22, 2019


… Twitter followers creeping up ūüôā¬† ¬†Oh, and a little quip actually went quasi-viral w/ 200+ likes ūüėȬ† I’m going to refrain from doing a “now to post my soundcloud” as I’ve seen on others’… The morning started w/ a 20 minute power outage which served to remind me what I remembered last night when […]

Sigh, long division

February 16, 2019


There’s a kiddo who’s awesomely dedicated and has good number sense but oh, my, long division is nemesis.¬† ¬†Now, it wasn’t like my “wrong division’ post where there was no understanding of borrowing but it was definitely, absolutely cognitive overload. I do kinda hope, though, that it’s an overload that gives the kind of practice […]

“what would it take for you to feel safe?”

February 13, 2019


There’s a pretty major “disturbance in the force” in #MTBOS…. but let me digress first. Also posted was a math teacher starting class with … and … This is such a noble gesture but I *know* that were it presented to me it would activate my “why should I trust you???”¬† ¬†flags, especially if I […]

Get w by itself, not zero…

February 12, 2019


working on solving equations… and it’s working ūüôā¬† ¬†Draw the line from the equals sign…¬†¬†has Chris Woodin doing a live performance of the “equals sign as balance” idea… But yea, just check out the videos!¬† Chris Woodin’s YouTube Channel¬†¬†**Yes.**¬† it is different.¬† ¬†It takes time.¬† Doing it right once is better than doing it […]

Winter weekend

February 9, 2019


… no snow right now!¬† ¬†Thursday did get fairly nasty — nothing accumulating but 40+ mph winds and puddles became puttles (my new word for frozen puddles).¬† ¬†Today it’s 26 w/ 11 mph ESE wind so… I’ll be out riding… Fascinated by¬†¬†web components!¬† ¬†This “focus trap” sets things up so that you tab through a […]


February 7, 2019


Breathing room!¬† ¬†Small flow of students and they’re ones that need time to process.¬† ¬†(It was also ridiculously foggy, 44 degrees, which may have dampened the determination of the folks who will come in Thursdays even if they don’t have classes.)¬† ¬†Alas, now that it’s 3:00 the temperature is 34, winds 27 miles per hour […]

It’s drafty in here!

February 6, 2019


Less drafty because they took the big blower away that was drying out where water had seeped in; I’m hearing tools outside… Looking at blog posts — 2 posted and about 10 “drafts.”¬† Yes.¬† It’s been that kind of 2 weeks.¬† Lots of starts that … aren’t ready to share.¬† ¬†Hopefully not false starts ūüôā […]