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JULY is here ;)

July 2, 2020


  Rabbit Rabbit was not the first thing I said (but somebody tweeted it, reminding me of that ‘good luck’ ritual).   I didn’t jog b/c I forgot to move laundry from washer to dryer… but I can do a real ride tonight; no meetings. No students zooming but I’ve connected w/ teachers of the “Bridge” […]


June 25, 2020


  So much has been happening in the world that … I’ve been in the world instead of writing about it. Summer school has started and *nobody* has zoomed. No idea why. Yesterday a few nasty little things happened.   Our unit — our dean’s job was restructured.  We don’t have a supervising dean.  That was […]

(focus! focus!)

June 11, 2020


  Classes start Monday so I’m trying to make video and fliers to get folks to come see me.  I waffle between focusing on “I help with this course!” and “I help if you aren’t sure you can learn it!” and that sort of angle.   You sort of have to work with me to know […]

Neighbors ;)

June 10, 2020


  I’m watching a neighbor walk by on the sidewalk, as I’ve seen him do many times in any given day, and sometimes he’s running and never looking tired.  It made me think of the driver who pulled out on me because she was distracted and apologized at length, “You’re my neighbor!!”  because when I […]

Looking for videos…

June 5, 2020


So this one embeds nicely and I was excited by the thumbnail.  However, the song spends 2 full minutes rambling about the procedure before getting to this.   (It’s also a bit cutesy for my adults.) It’s revealing that it is called a “trick.”  (Oh, and there’s essentially nothing conceptual about any part of it. I […]

Reality check

May 23, 2020


For obvious reasons graduation was virtual, online.   So!  Anybody could go! I watched. I watched the names get read off. Even given my crappy remembering of names, and the fact that the pictures most posted were different than what they might have looked like in the tutoring center (okay! MY FAVORITE was a student sitting […]

Oh, the places…

May 20, 2020


So I’m trying to use the last hour of the day reasonably productively, and whoa! The ‘phone’ on the computer is ringing. Which app? Who *is* that?  What the …?   My body reacted a bit as if it were a police siren pulling me over. Even after I figured out “this is from work, and […]

Rabbit holes

May 12, 2020


  This article about ‘education debt’ quotes Alice in Wonderland and Alice’s chasing that rabbit down a hole without pondering the exit. From 2006, it compares the idea of “achievement gap”   to the idea of a “balanced budget” being a grand idea but if you don’t address the accumulated debt, it meets political needs but […]


May 1, 2020


  An interesting week.   What with “network incident” I haven’t had to do more than half of what had been taking up my day — maybe Monday? This meant I dove into the ONline Learning Consortium’s second week of all kinds of online zoominars.   They were heavily sponsored by assorted Ed Tech folks including ProctorU, […]


April 30, 2020


  We were  under a “train” of rain on the radar, fortunately not deluging so things aren’t flooding, at least yet… and I must have accidentally hit “insert” b/c typeover was happening. Our college has gotten a few parts of its web stuff back online — but limited.   So my zoom room is open but […]