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Got it!

August 14, 2018


I can’t find the exact tweet that started the thread, but somebody posted a problem something like this: There are potatoes.   They’re 99 % water.   There’s 100 Kg of these potatoes. They get dehydrated.   Now the concentration of potato (not water) is 2%. How much water did we get rid of? It gave the answer right […]


August 13, 2018


… is to take actual quiet time and NOT blog, but Geogebra.   So!   I read two awesome articles during the opening address for the school year (which was the typical recitation of how much money we made and how much we’re going to spend on awesome technology and facilities improvements — none of that people […]

tagless not!

August 12, 2018


… yes, tagging posts seems to get a few more clicks.   This one … no, won’t be tagless b/c I’ll want to find this blog post about Illustrative Math again.   asks questions I have lurking in my mind.   She sees the same patterns I do — students who can work with the visual / concrete […]

Life gets tedious, don’t it :)

August 7, 2018


  Nowadays they’d diagnose things clinical. (This isn’t the version I heard from Mary Cliff’s show and I still want to know what happened to her…) So I missed the email from Council on Adult Basic Education from July (at twitter math camp) and webinars on numeracy 😦   They’re based on 2017 information including an […]

C’mon world, where are you?

August 1, 2018

0 There’s grant money  to be had — in the millions – for Developing new materials that fill gaps left by existing materials   That would be my project.   Could do a lot with a million…


July 31, 2018


Need to think about an idea I had on the ride in.   Can one of my activities be:   *Learn* the geogebra it takes to make certain kinds of activities?   Say, a four-week exploration of making …  number drags and image drags to support routines like counting and connected representations? Hmmm! Time to sign a birthday […]

Geogebra again :)

July 30, 2018

0 is my latest adventure in Geogebra. I took the 10 homework problems from our “Transitions” course and arranged for those exact problems to be randomly picked (I made “lists” of each number, picked a random element number, and grabbed that same element from each of the two lists). It’s two numbers, not 5 like my […]