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June 11, 2021


Then there’s this tweet to article about students being automatically enrolled into JROTC. There are so manyh better ways.


June 11, 2021


Today reminded me once again of what I would *like* teaching to be like: Like a back Float. A student thought about things instead of guessing. We’d gotten through to having oh, 20 lessons to go … but ther ehad been a “knowledge check” so today there were 49. Yea. Right. Still, we were workin’ […]

repeat repeat

June 9, 2021


I’ve got several students taking Math in the summer — repeating. They’ve all learned from that first time through. I’d say two of them have a puretty good chance of getting through this summer, tho’ I’ll be gone next week and … they do pretty much need some guidance along the way. ‘ There’s so […]

No title (article N + 1)

June 7, 2021


(somehow the title didn’t happen first time. ) another article… “A Case Study of Students’ Motivation In College Algebra Courses”. It’s from 2014 but I don’t think I’ve seen it yet. Second paragraph bemoans the fact that College Algebra is a “gatekeeper” course that students may take 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 times. Fall […]

study web article

June 2, 2021


There’s an article onine about “the study web.” It describes students on twitter, discord and other platforms — as if “study web” were its own entity or platform. It’s interesting. People do zoom or discord and just sort of study together as if they were inthe library, and chat back and forth about oh, anxiety […]

Those dreams

May 28, 2021


At yesterday’s ‘staff forum,’ fall semester’s shift to ‘normal’ was discussed at length, and then the Learning Commons. The unit in charge of student support is going to be “sunsetted” — nice euphemism for eliminated. When they painted things as wonderfully centralized in the library, I posted in chat that … what was left was […]

wax on, wax off?

May 27, 2021


No, I haven’t seen the Karate Kid… but I saw Star Wars and a few other stories of people who were going to become amazing, and wise, and do good things and things good and things well. A common thread is that this person has been discreetly deemed as destined for Being Specially Good and […]

FRy – day

May 22, 2021


Yes, the semester’s done. Nope, it’s not quiet! Today was the “maker space” project — where we’re not really “making” from scratch but rather curating to make smething more deliverable. Also had two students — with questoins about sophisticated Excel data interpretation and prep for the GRE Math. Trying to get to “don’t do the […]

“wish i could help more”

May 20, 2021


I need to figure out a sort of protocol for what’s happening rather often already: “somebody gave me your number …” but what they need is totally out of my scope. Yes, in the past, we had coaches and advisors. I will inquire – maybe even generate a list of some of the things I’ve […]

The surroundings

May 14, 2021


So we’re planning “the changes.” No gaslighting for days, which makes it a little easier. I mean, I’ve known the admin was not supportive of us for years, but there’s a difference between letting you do your thing as best you can with no support (and removing resources with every opportunity) and then imposing drastic […]