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chantey time

January 18, 2021


tl/dr: a total tangent but I”ll connect. It’s not *quite* a non sequitur. In 1978 at age 18, I was trying to stay awake at my 3rd job, lifeguarding a tiny rooftop pool at Georgian Towers b/c in Montgomery County MD if the apartment had a pool, it had to have a lifeguard. Georgian Towers […]


January 14, 2021


Yea, our math courses are now using “lockdown” and “respondus” with the whole camera thing. Basically, students have to have a good laptop, a good connection, a good camera. Too bad so sad, rest of the world! WIth things like Zoom, I could at least say “hey, come on campus, we’ll set up a room […]

Classes started!

January 12, 2021


It’s good to see the few stray hoomans in the halls, and I’ve seen 2 in person and 1 email…. 2 appointments scheduled. Note to self (because I totally forgot this w/ walk-in): even tho’ you’re all kinds of available, have them figure out when they’re coming anyway!!! (THis one I’m pretty positive I’ll get […]


December 13, 2020


Seeking unsuccessfully for the elusive template for building labeled number lines on geogebra. I’d hoped if I came back later maybe it would be more searchable. I just have to pretend I didn’t see that and do what I was going to do, anyway. I captioned the “intro to number lines” video . I’ll link […]


December 11, 2020


Yesterday I got to use my role-playing skills. Marketing sent a pair of folks down because they’re making a commercial about all the support Parkland provides during the pandemic. They were surprised that there were in person folks here… and we did a couple of short takes of “tutoring from six feet away” (though it […]

So many threads

December 11, 2020


I’m failing at coming up w/ a good metaphor. for having all kinds of tiny things floating by, trying to figure out how to remember where they are and what I can be doing to … weave these threads? Get this dance with others going? Am I in the band or supposed to try to […]


December 10, 2020


I like being busy but I”m not sure where I”m getting behind. Today was definitely a day to see Why I’m Live And In Person… 2 people’s day Sucked A Lot Less and another one’s was Made Excellent… because they could come here and figure things out. I need to follow up on connecting after […]

Little Friday

December 7, 2020


LOL no, it’s real friday by the time I get to this! OK I guess I should be grateful this stuff is happening right before I Have Down Time At Home… seems Desmos and Geogebra are *both* doing “let’s collaborate and do the cody stuff with little webinars” — they called it a “buildalong.” There […]

Rolling Downward

December 2, 2020


Okay, it’s not quite time for that song yet 🙂 Back at work after “break” and still Have Students Here, tho’ many students think they’re not even allowed on campus since in-class sessions were moved online after Friday the 20 (as planned in August). Several acutely sad deals where if our staff hadn’t been gutted… […]

Quiet Monday?

November 23, 2020


Folks have been moved online so I hve no idea whether this “last 3 days before holiday” week will be busy or not. In years past I’ve had folks under “get done by holidays” deadlines (inwardly or outwardly imposed); I arrived 8:15 but nobody’s here yet 😉 As I pulled through the campus parking lot, […]