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Rabbit holes?

March 26, 2017


My Internet Saturday Morning involved a twitter request for OER for vocational programs for math… without too many answers since its Friday afternoon posting.  I linked to my spare-time-not-quite-fledglings … and hopefully this week I can make an even bigger dent on things, tho’ students will be back and they come first. I didn’t put in […]

That mobile thing

March 23, 2017


I got a new phone and sprung for the $99 LG Stylo 2 for $99.   I usually go cheap, but I was thinking that actually, I would like more than the minimum functionality. I still don’t like poking in  more than ten words but I’m going to see about speech recognition. I can totally, […]

defeat from the jaws of victory

March 22, 2017


Fifth page of the awesome “how long would it take you to lose 41 pounds?”  project that’s all about calories and exercise with lots of practice. First four pages are perfect and all work shown.   Help wanted page five. Page 2 described 4 scenarios of cutting back on daily calories, asking how many weeks it would […]

Share time

March 19, 2017


I got all those phonics word lists into Word.  Now to figure out the sharing process (and do the ‘publish’ checklist thing…  )  OERCommons already has the PDF version so I’ll put them together.   I just went into Curriki — it says “geonz” username already spoken for but doesn’t recognize either of the emails […]

Just thinking.

March 16, 2017


I just critiqued a thing on Twitter and I’m thinking that while language and communication have deteriorated, because things have to be put together quickly and shoved out there, that there’s a potential for community collaboration towards very high standards. GitHub, maybe?   (GoogleDocs?) With three backup safety nets in case things crash? Back to […]

Monday again!

March 13, 2017


… Drove the car because it needs to be driven and I have errands — and it really did help to jog from House A to House B to get it rather than take the bicycle. Tonight’s a chorus night and there’s snow and cold, and I could drive to the bank at lunch to […]

Rulers R Us

March 9, 2017


So!  Request for images of rulers and their fractional pieces, for to help students learn that.  Yes, the Ruler Game is still there 🙂   It’s got its own domain name now. Found two gems online:    and  — can’t find a page that links to it.   He has students cover […]