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October 16, 2019


Sometimes it works 🙂 So a student who’s king of shortcuts and number sense and (what’s the opposite of king? pawn?) … well, gazes at the question about divisibility by 9 and “nobody ever taught them that!!!” Well, I know they were … shall we say… exposed to the rule. I went back over divisibility […]


October 14, 2019


Social media had a thread about “frontloading” and “backfilling” lessons, and I was trying to wrap my brain around it… and got provided a great example of it. Students are supposed to figure out the area of the shaded part of the circle. Student comes in: coudln’t figure it out last night. “I know I […]


October 11, 2019


and whew! Not crazy busy. … and I’m peeking at stats on my website traffic — my *website,* not my blog. There isn’t much 😉 I’m not sure I *want* to get much b/c then …. bots and hackers. Still, I just added some serious content, except it’s files, not actual stuff On A Page. […]

Breathing ;)

October 10, 2019


Got a page with the videos and powerpoints up about the assorted times tables… 🙂 So this week was busy and … this time *without* the windows of calm. Yesterday late had a first timer — and in our new class that’s in the “college level with support” tradition, so students who assessed into developmental […]

Lots of visits

October 7, 2019


Big spike in visits yesterday … over 100… but only 5 visitors so I rather suspect a bot. It’s not my *website* which I’ve actually spent a little time on… and I’m not motivated to p;r;owl around for details becaues I’m striving to figure out this javascript thing. I’ve figured out how to get input […]

Saturday :)

October 5, 2019


So, I remembered — and now I remember how I found it: free code camp… and I remember wondering when I dove into it over a winter break whether maybe this was going to have community to build ed stuff. So. Okay. Time to spend one hour seeing if I can apply what I […]

Next step :)

October 3, 2019


Finished the captions! Last week I was doing the “tech” part of orientation with our special “run around at the last minute to see if we can get a few more students enrolled” version of orientation, and I looked around our portal to try to remember the important stuff (mainly I make sure everything just […]