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My people are the caveat people

April 20, 2018


I’m skimming another article about math and tech — not developmental math. It is:  Sharp, L.A., & Hamil, M. (2018). Impact of a web-based adaptive supplemental digital resource on student mathematics performance. Online Learning, 22(1), 81-92. doi:10.24059/olj.v22i1.1133 I read the literature summary and… digital supplements might not work so well for assorted subpopulations. THe results for […]

Virtual Conference!

April 20, 2018


It’s from   and they’re having a conference in Nashville, TN — but for some bucks people can attend virtually and … yes, it’s worth it.  I’m doing it like webinars — basically trying to see what I can glean when they’re live and hten going through stuff later because yes, anything livestreamed can be […]

Background article reading

April 19, 2018


Whereas I’m indoctrinated that anything you talk about should include a literature review, I dipped into “developmental math” yesterday.   Instant gratification: Reference List Weisburst E, Daugherty L, Miller T, Martorell P, Cossairt J. Innovative Pathways Through Developmental Education and Postsecondary Success: An Examination of Developmental Math Interventions Across Texas. Journal Of Higher Education [serial online]. March 2017;88(2):183-209. […]

Juggle juggle

April 11, 2018


… yes, missed a meeting b/c … three other things scheduled 😦   YUK 😦 Power in Numbers has started YEA 🙂 🙂 🙂 Met w/ instructor who has a student who … could use my part and whole videos ’cause that’s where he’s at.     And… I realize Geogebra probably can be used where Internet […]

Fun, fun fun

April 3, 2018


TLDR  boring stuff on figuring out computer stuff… Resorted to the Geogebra forum again – just to look for something and mirabile dictu, my question had appeared and I got an answer.   I’m 90% sure it’s what I posted as self-found answer in different terms.   There were some comments of varying constructiveness after that but […]

#OER article

March 29, 2018

0 Purty guid summary… and of the things it would be good to invest in, “ancillary materials,” especially for math and science, was *first mentioned.* Waving hand….   can I help?

Math ‘integration’

March 28, 2018


I’ve been asked by an adult ed teacher to meet and talk about math, and there have been questions that have come up online. I could write a few books w/ the specific strategies for getting students learning and building math ideas… but what about generalities? Number one would prob’ly be “make visual connections” — […]