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Sticking to print

May 27, 2017


I got an email saying my tablet was at Makerspace, and when I retrieved it voila!  My hard copy of Lower Ed was in the same bag.   I could read right away 🙂 I was also happy because I *thought* I’d downloaded the Routines for Reasoning there.  Well, no — at least I didn’t […]

remediation article n + 2

February 1, 2017

0 This one’s seriously behind the times.   Oh, MY!!!!!   So many unprepared students!!!! (Statistics provided). The wretched part is in the comments which I suspect represent our cultural shift, though I can hope/wish that it’s a reflection of this specific audience.   There’s no questioning the value of an educational system that spews […]

“not enough votes”

January 9, 2017


When somebody’s “idea” for a “feature” in Canvas doesn’t get enough votes, it gets shelved. A person cuts and pastes a form message about it saying how cool you are for participating. I’m thinking there’s a rather natural filtering so that those who stay in the Canvas community are those with a really high tolerance for […]

LOL Canvas

December 16, 2016


The whole “change submit button” topic speaks volumes at several levels about reading and critical thinking.   First, the idea phrased by some that students just need to click around or wait to be told what to do is actively discouraging independent critical thinking.  Second, many of the repliers haven’t read critically — they see […]

Canvas and Khan

December 14, 2016


Somebody put into the “idea” section of the Canvas Community that the “Submit Assignment” button should be changed to “Begin Assignment,” because students got confused — because they thought that “submit” meant you were going to turn it in. The replies included lots of people saying “Amen!” and then somebody saying “well, my students weren’t […]

Atom Fail.

September 25, 2016


So I’m having the usual complete frustration with things computer.   I thought I’d installed Atom successfully but I have no idea where it actually *is* on the computer.   The setup ?  Oh, that landed in ONE DRIVE.   Yea, that makes sense, NOT. Oops, you can’t undo your accidental click so … it’s […]

Rant # 2 short

September 6, 2016


So the student has finished the ALEKS lessons but says she will need to YouTube all week to try to figure out what they mean.   I say, “but there’s a ‘review’ option!” … only to discover that yea, you can get a review option but you cannot ask for an explanation.  You have to […]