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anticipation II

March 2, 2019


Signed contract received yesterday (dated yesterday).   SO things could really actually get interesting soon 🙂 In the meantime … times tables!   And hte usual Saturday reading. From our Developmental Ed Council meeting, which was about the law being proposed to basically eliminate developmental education and put everybody into college level courses “with support.”   I didn’t […]

Saturday :)

December 15, 2018


Goal for this break:   to figure out a conscious system for working on the assorted projects.   I have been sometimes actually successful at letting others take care of students for an hour or two. Today’s task is to look through our Cobra Math course and plan out a four week version of a “class.” In […]

UDL for math

September 9, 2018


I just finished a four-week course with LINCS (adult ed community):  Universal Design for Learning –math. I’d thought that the biggest best thing is the book on UDL — but  I was only on page 21 of it.   The videos and stories of folks “in the trenches” are informative and inspiring.   I like the design […]

Quality can be objective.

August 21, 2018


Quality matters, peeps. So there’s an exercise taking survey data and filling in a chart w/ percent and number of degrees on the little circle. 3/26 students had some opinion about math.   THis translates into 0.115384615… or 11.5%.   Students are to round to the nearest tenth of a percent, and to the nearest whole degree. […]

#OER and quality

June 19, 2018

0  So!  I couldn’t attend this b/c I was roaming around on the Grand Illinois Bicycle Tour (sigh, the replacement for drowned phone should arrive tonight). Ahrash Bissell is the moderator, from NROC   and he’s talking to Dr. Lisa Petrides who founded ISKME  which runs  and Dr. David Wiley of Lumen Learning . NROC folks […]

Geogebra … crash

December 3, 2017


Wow.   Just… wow. It seems that asking a question without a screenshot is a mortal sin.   I asked what “BP” stood for — thinking, (forgive me!!! mea culpa and I mean that, to a degree)… that BP was a common heading to the spreadsheet thing about each element in your app.   I […]


November 5, 2017


Geogebra.   “Lists” are a lot like arrays, tho’ the first element is list(1) not zero; zero will get “undefined. No, I still have no idea how to actually SET THE STUPID X AXIS TO THE SIZE I WANT.   I mean, I know how to set it but it changes if I so much as move […]

Unproductive struggle

October 28, 2017


Call me an idiot but no, I can’t figure out how to actually do jack with Geogebra.   “Make a new worksheet” gets me a lovely front pagey thing where I give it a title… and then… I have to add something. There is utterly insufficient guidance.   Okay, does this mean I don’t want to make […]

Future students, eureka math

September 23, 2017


A person interested in prepping for the assessment came in… and the “I can’t help my kids do their homework!” comment happened.   “They don’t have a text! HOw are we supposed to help them?”   They would just go on the INternet and “Google the answers, but that’s not very good,” (and yes, usually […]

Open Math resources

August 23, 2017


I’m part of a project curating Open Educational Resources for adult ed.   NCTM has an awesome site with awesome lessons on it.  Oops, too bad so sad, the terms of use  are totally “ours, ours, ours, do not fold bend or mutilate!”  (Remember those punch cards, elders?)   That approach is why I don’t care […]