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More visuals :)

March 3, 2018


A site full of virtual manipulates, which seem to be javascript 😉 🙂 Free, but not “OER.” The Open Education people seem to be mostly about Changing How Institutions Do THings.   Power In Numbers has been about curating and sharing OER for adult ed.   This is at such a smaller scale! I keep finding […]

kinesthetic :)

September 21, 2017


So… exponents and variables and … zero power.   It’s a “touch base on this” section in pre-Algebra, nothing huge or convoluted (and I don’t *think* negative powers). It just might stick.   Things squared?  Write it out as this times itself until you don’t have to.   Zero power?  write it out as base/base […]

Oh, that sentence ending

September 6, 2017


The topic heading had most of the headline: Adult education classes teach reading and math to thousands for free — including adults with di   …. and I thought, “oh… disabilities?  How are they doing it?” but no… … diplomas. Granted, high school diplomas, not bachelor’s degrees … and it gives their stats — 27% […]

International Dyslexia Assoc.

August 17, 2017


As an Orton-Gillingham trained reading specialist, I stay affiliated w/ the IDA (formerly named after Orton) so I’ve gotten their conference program.   They know how to do stuff… it’s a Big Hotel Conference that doesn’t reek of corporations.   The ads are mostly schools which have helped so many people become successful that yea, […]

5 questions to go…

August 15, 2017


… but I’m getting brain stupid so I’ll jot a few things. This is “bare minimum,” but we can make this so much more adaptive! First,  the program should know how long it’s been since your last visit.   If you’ve taken a ten minute or ten hour break… okay, proceed as you were. If […]

Picture progression

August 13, 2017


  Whereas, I searched around for nice posters, visuals, etc.  about subtracting with borrowing.   5 minus a fourth. I found lots of examples of varying degrees of appeal. All of them were all numbers and symbols.   None of them did that “concrete to abstract” transition.   In my experience (the phrase I put […]

Digital LEarning and Adult Basic Ed

August 12, 2017


Digital LEarning and Adult Ed: What works? Tech changes so fast that it’s really hard for “what works” research to keep up but that link is to some research on “digital learning” and adult ed for basic math and literacy.  (YAY!!!  SOmebody is talking about this!!!) The Executive Summary includes this: For developers and vendors […]