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Commit :)

October 8, 2016


I’m at the part where it’s time to shift from “oh! the potential!” to “LEt’s start making the deliverable.” I’m in Canvas building a quiz question.   ACCESSIBILITY.    Cognitive accessibility:   need that “onboarding” thing per Nir Eyal’s book so the intro is short and … I think optional.   Nobody reads the first […]

Progress on MOOC

October 2, 2016


… on the organizing part 🙂 Yes, I’ve figured out that on Canvas, you don’t try to make the actual “lessons” interactive.   THat requires things to be quizzes.   Yes, I think this is old school thinking, and I’m surprised somebody hasn’t just taken “quizzes” and renamed them “formative assessment modules” and charged $5,000 […]


October 1, 2016


Oh, I’ll paste that too long to read thing to a drive document and just say … I MISS CODING!!!!   It tastes good.    

Diving into canvas…

July 31, 2016


there’s your mangled metaphor… hope it’s not apt. I”m going to test out being in the “”  course:   contributing to canvas commons.   I’ve spent very little time exploring Canvas up ’til now. I’ve joined several communities:   Open Education (78 members), Instructional Design (about 1700), Math on Canvas (123 members) and Accessibility (191). […]

wine and blog :)

July 29, 2016


I sipped wine and skimmed the last 5 years of blogging. Alas, it didn’t really help with my “what was I doing, when?”  as much as I’d hoped.   I did find the elusive video of “counting stick multiplication” per  (I hadn’t been able to find it from memory). … and oh, my, I miss […]

Another conference lurk, Canvas

July 21, 2016


So!   Enrollment is open for the “Instructional Design Service COurse: Gain Experience for Good” course in the fall (beginning September 12). We’re invited back and seems the folks at Canvas find the course worthy of giving us all free accounts.   Now, it may be their standard “free for teachers” account so they’re not actually […]


July 20, 2016


We need a blizzard… oops, we’re under a “heat dome” for the next days.   Reading people’s well-linked reflections on “Twitter Math Camp” could take a few days.   Oops, I really need to get the app rolling — I’ve got people who like it, and it needs the subtraction included, and I need to […]

Gratuitous MOOCS

May 5, 2016


The EdX MOOC from earlier was uploaded each Tuesday evening U.S. time.   Naw, you can’t get ahead; it’s atomatically programmed.  Last night somebody posted asking what had happened to week 1 (week 0 started last Tues)… and the nice TA said “refer to your syllabus, or Week 0.”  (As in, they didn’t know? ) […]

Penultimate Monday

April 25, 2016


Next Monday is the last MOnday of classes; exam week starts that Friday.   Yup, it’s busy in the tutoring lab! I did get in the 15-20 minutes to finish up editing the Key to Chapter One, though I will need to go back through it and find what I missed since it was very […]

This week’s article

April 15, 2016


Well, let’s make it a blog post.  To wit: This blog brings up the idea that really, the spirit of “open” isn’t about discussing the benefits of allowing people to modify & adapt materials;  it’s about facilitating that and making it happen. To quote: ” Reuse is not something that can only happen “in […]