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Want visuals

February 8, 2017


This kiddo’s cranking out the algebra w/ his times tables chart and 44/11 is 4 but I don’t think we’re building number sense.   I want the option to have a visual… and let you actually drag things around to divide it to get the answer. Doesn’t have to go on everybody’s… but it should […]

“When I make my own…”

February 6, 2017


I was helping a guy with the Connect lesson where they’re learning about figuring out scaled models.   They like to throw in “real world stuff that twists things” — so they talk about where “3/4” scale actually means 3/4 inches stands for one foot.   It’s a pretty neat exploration. Still, lots of them […]

“Help outside class”

January 12, 2017


On twitter, Michael Pershan noted that it’s taken him 3 years to figure out how to get students help outside class. This made several thoughts gel in my feeble brain, the biggest one being that ‘help outside’ is vastly underrated and a huge equity issue. I think we don’t want students to need help outside […]


December 1, 2016


#MTBOS — a twitter followee notes how confusing algebraic expressions are.   Yes, this is something that created cognitive dissonance for me, until I connected that oh, explicitly teaching what symbols means applies to math as well as reading.   Why should f(x) = mean “the function of x” when, applying the *rules* we teach, […]

Arduous efforts

August 25, 2016


It’s neat when people are working hard… and getting stuff done.   (Wish:  that the stuff were better designed so that I didn’t need to help with navigation, and we could focus on the math.)   There was much “productive struggle” happening. The analogy of the day:   “Tricks” such as arbitrary memorized “scaffolds” and […]

pure, applied ingredients: but what’s the recipe?

June 29, 2016

0   is the article, which I thought I’d already seen but since its date is two days ago, I guess not 🙂 What’s cooler?   Three minutes w/ our librarian on the “chat” option on the site and I’ve got the original article it’s based on.   Oops, book. 224 pages.  (It was a long […]

a mystery solved – no, 2 of ’em!

May 29, 2016


So, I remembered from my brother’s grade school report on Pythagoras that root two being irrational might not have been  derived from  “can’t make ratio” (irr – not… rational — ratio), but that the little society fervently believed the deities made a beautiful universe that could always be reduced to integer ratios, and so since that […]