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Rainy days and Mondays

July 11, 2017


Go ahead and Google it — one of those “great songs of the sixties” that was really from 1971 ūüôā I thought today was massively unproductive — put together 1.7 and 1.8 but I thought they were done last week and… 1.9 is exponents. ¬†As with the multiplication… I felt the concept was too important […]

VIsuals! Visuals!

May 26, 2017


Last night I chatted with a friend who’s a graphic designer specializing in educational materials. ¬† She loved programming but … math. ¬† She had said that when she sees a recipe and it calls for 1/3 or 2/3 … what??? I had been explaining to her the visual I need for my lessons: ¬† […]

Bunny Time

April 4, 2017


I love lots of the “illuminations” activities. ¬†It actually, yes, has times tables practice with arrays showing the quantities… and it’s sequenced so that you are learning, not just practicing something that you’re already supposed to know. Except it’s a kid’s voice telling you all about the bunnies and the rows of carrots. It wouldn’t […]

Rabbit holes?

March 26, 2017


My Internet Saturday Morning involved a twitter request¬†for OER for vocational programs for math… without too many answers since its Friday afternoon posting. ¬†I linked to my spare-time-not-quite-fledglings … and hopefully this week I can make an even bigger dent on things, tho’ students will be back and they come first. I didn’t put in […]


March 21, 2017


Possibilities abound. ¬† EngageNY is looking for “fellows” to help develop their curriculum. ¬†Oh, my, it is¬†full of the vilified “not your parents’ algorithms” terms like “Hide Zero Cards,” which a quick search informs me are manipulatives for reinforcing that, say, 13 is really 10 + 3 — you represent 13 with a ten card […]

Diving in!

March 20, 2017


Of course, within a minute of “okay, I’m ready to record!” ¬† … a student has arrived. ¬† Still, I can do that first thing in the a.m. — ¬†knowing that then I’ll go to the tech folks to see how to make better sound quality, etc. anyway. ¬† I need a “sharable rough draft.” […]

Why I love Modumath

March 8, 2017


We’ve got a subscription for Modumath, a series of math tutorials, and we’re building a course in D2L around it. ¬†Nope, not open. ¬†(Sigh, they have other stuff that is.) I’m figuring out which lessons to add OER to, to enhance the lesson. ¬† Knowing people fall off the ‘math train’ with division, that’s a […]