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Want visuals

February 8, 2017


This kiddo’s cranking out the algebra w/ his times tables chart and 44/11 is 4 but I don’t think we’re building number sense.   I want the option to have a visual… and let you actually drag things around to divide it to get the answer. Doesn’t have to go on everybody’s… but it should […]

Credit Recovery Algebra study

February 4, 2017


… short summary:   it didn’t work very well. Interesting because coincidentally,  Facebook posted at me a sponsored post from “Keystone School,” an online school, describing their GED track that people who’d dropped out could take. There’s a fast track if you’ve got more than 12 credit hours that takes a year and a 1-3 year […]

A new idea

January 25, 2017


LOL  the two minutes ’til end of work day and I DROVE THE CAR THING so I can’t even think about it well on the way home. Here’s my next magic grant request.   Hey.   I really should figure it out and at least plop it on a few other blogs.  So I’m doing […]

Scientific studying

December 10, 2016

0  what… I only sent this to fb friends??? DIdn’t blog it so I could find it later?  THese are pretty decent, tho’ I’d like to make versions that were more diverse in content areas (more math :)) and people doing it… When I get a team to make a course, this will be a branch […]

Talkin’ bout my reputation…

December 9, 2016


Not really, but I clicked on the hint for this week’s trivia and it’s a huge menu of things javascript that would incredibly enhance user experience in lessons. Except I don’t have time to figure out that stuff between now and 12/ 31.   Need to be on a team… need to be on a […]

Math on the edge

November 18, 2016

0  Sigh, I *need* to be working on the Canvas project.  (I need to find my *&* wallet.) Still, watching these videos of students thinking and processing is so affirming.   HEre’s you’re PhD project, people:   interview (or hypnotize) students who score poorly on these college math assessment tests. Find out just how many […]

Make! Make!

August 29, 2016


Okay, I don’t ‘think visually’ so I couldn’t begin to tell you what a person could make… but I saw this   and thought… oh, even *I* could make manipulatives… really creative manipulatives… with that thing. Hmmm…   It’ll be on my grant list 🙂  (It’s over a hundred dollars on W00t today.. and I […]